Friday, 20 July 2012

Basil's Garden Safari! (Kitty Patrol!)


Greetings, meows and purrs to all in the Blog'o'Sphere!

Today I thought I'd share my Garden Safari with you, or as I like to call it 'Kitty Patrol!'

Basil surveying his Kitty Kingdom!
Our garden is teaming with wildlife, as well as the endless rain right now, but on a beautiful sunny day there's nowhere else I like to be.  We have a whole host a creatures and birds.  There are: Squirls, Hedgepigs, Mices galore, Flutterbys, Mini Winged Dragons, Ladybugs, Bees and so many diffurrent types of birds or 'Flying Snack Packs' as I like call them, just to name a few. Even other Kitties come and visit but I don't like that too much, so there's lots going on all the time. It's a big job!

So without boring mew to tears all with endless gushing prose of how fan'cat'stic it is, this is a 'Show don't Tell Post!'





 After all that exertion, because now mew can see that my job is very taxing, highly stressful and hugely demanding ~ I deserve a well earned snooze

Snoozing under the Gazebo ~ Just Purrfect!

Thank mew furry much for joining me today on my 'rounds' and I hope that mew have enjoyed the sights and the cats-eye-view of my little world!

Bestest purrs



  1. You have a great garden! Can we come hunting?

    1. Of course you can, there's plenty of 'game' for everyone!!! :D




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