Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The TwitterVerse ~ I'm in it!

At last I now have my very own purrsonal Twitter Account ~ I'm officially a Memfur of the TwitterVerse!

My poor human is run ragged with all my demands of late, but I say

'I'm worth it!'

Suck it up and getting typing Ms. Garnell!

But really I'm not that mean, in fact I'm totally adorable, as you can see from my pawesome profile picture, but I just like to 'catwork' and for you peeps that don't know what that means, it's networking for us kitties.

So you can connect with me in The Twitterverse by clicking here

My ambition is to connect with all the Fan'cat'stic Kitties in The TwitterVerse and we'll take over the world because CATS RULE!

Meow you later



  1. That's super-duper fantastic! Your own blog and now your own twitter account!! Yoo-hoo!!! purrs

    1. Hey Nerissa!

      Thanks furry much :)

      Yes, this is most pawesome in my bid for World Domination!

      Bestest Meows and purrs



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