Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Basil's Balmy Adventure ~ Working Hard on the 'Puter

Working Hard on the 'Puter


 Just so that mew don't think that I 've been slacking off as there hasn't been a post for a few days.

I've been working on my book sequel, Part Deux ~ 'Basil's Balmy Adventure' and as mew can see by the look of utter concentration on my cute fuzzy little face that it takes an awful lot of effort to mentally will those words into the 'puter.  It's a hard job let me tell mew, laying there and using all my powers of mental persuasion to fill page after page with all those little iddy bitty teeny weeny black letters, and so far my Purrsonal Assistant Ms. Garnell has told me that I'm up to 28,000 words, but I've got a long ways to go as my first book weighed in at a hefty 92,000 words and a bit.

So by my pawesome powers of mathematical reckoning I'm about a third of the way there, so if I pull my furry socks up and get cracking then perhaps it won't be too much longer!

I need a snack now ~ Dreamies... mmmm..... and a wander around the garden and then perhaps a nap in the sunshine as it's a beautiful day out there in the real world, so take it easy in the world of the Interwebs and I'll be back with a progress report asap.

Bestest meows and purrs as always



  1. That must require a tremendous amount of mental energy, Basil... writing your book telepathically and all. You must be super duper smart to do that. Purrsonally, I click the keys with my claws. purrs

  2. Hey Nerissa, paws and claws are a most excellent and a highly efficient method... but I find writing a huge amount of text like that is easier by telepathic means! MOL




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