Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Crystal Gazing with Mystic Basil!

Many greetings to all my Meowy Mystical Furriends!

 In todays post I'm getting up very close and purrsonal, as mew can see by my photo, MOL!

Mew may be wondering what this post is all about and by the looks of the title we are boardering on Crazy Town, and yes I suppose it's a little bit 'Out There' but then I am an Organic-Bionic Cat & that's 'Right Out There' so in comparison this post is really quite tame! 

Crystal Gazing with Mystic Basil

As mew can see I have three Crystal Balls to choose from,
so my question to mew is:

"What would mew like to know?" 

Leave me a comment with your questions and I'll get right back to mew right after I've consulted the Magickal Crystal Balls (MCB)... using my Mystical Kitteh Guru Intent (MKGI)...

Bestest Meows and Purrs

Basil the Mystic Guru Kitty


  1. LOL!!! Me and Charlie would like to know when is it time for niptini cocktails!?! :-) Take care

    1. Well, after much concentration and mystical consulting the answer to your question is:

      Niptini Cocktails for mew and Charlie should be happening right about now!

      Bestest meows and purrs to mew both!

      Chin Chin

      Basil the Mystic Guru Kitteh

  2. Tommie would like to know if this a good career path for cats. Is there tuna in it?
    Also, do you have to have green laser eyes to tell the future?

    1. Many Greetings Tommy and thanks furry much for stopping by!

      The answer to your first question is: I'm purretty new to it right now, but all the indications are ~ according to my reading ~ that, yes it is a most excellent career path for cats and their psychic gifts!

      Your second question: Is there any Tuna in it? Would that be: After the reading, before or during? My answer may sound cryptic ~ All possibilities of Tuna are highly possible in the foreseeable future!

      And your third question: Yes, it helps enormously to have laser green eyes especially when I'm focusing all my Mystical Kitteh Guru Intent (MKGI) on the Magickal Crystal Ball (MCB), only sometimes I have to be careful of zapping myself if accidently I catch my reflection in it! MOL!

      I hope that mew are most purrleased and highly satisfied with your reading and will tell all of your meowiest furriends to come and visit me!

      Bestest meows and purrs

      Basil the Mystic Guru Kitteh

  3. You've learned how to tell fortunes and whatnot? That's fantastic! I've got a question for you. It's a very important question and I sure do hope your crystal balls will give me an answer. Here goes... Will there ever be a day when my peep is no longer a "technologically impaired duffer?" She's got this act down pat but, as a blogging cat, I sure would like a peep that knew a bit more 'bout using the ol' computer. Know what I mean?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Nerissa

      How's it all going? And thanks fur stooping by :)

      Well I concentrated furry hard on your dilemma, I used the largest crystal ball for mew too and the answer came to me in a sudden flash of technicolour glory from deep within the magical depths of the crystal... Your peep knows what to do - There is every possibility that your peep is totally pawesome on the 'puter but that pawesomeness just hasn't been fully realised or unleashed yet!

      That's what came to me, if that makes any sense or helps mew at all... however if that answer isn't satisfactory enough for mew, please drop by tommorow as I'm running a new feature 'The Saturday Solution with Dr. Basil' (Yes, I wear many hats and turbans) Perhaps a more logical approach may be needed if you found my Mystical Reading too inconclusive.

      Wishing you a super purry day

      Basil the Mystic Guru Kitteh

  4. Sorry Nerissa I meant to say:

    Stopping by!!! My peep needs sleep... LOL

    (Sometimes you just can't get the staff!)

    Many apologies

    Basil (Blushing right now!)


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