Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Saturday Solution with Dr Basil Widdairs

Welcome to the 'Saturday Solution'
Dr Basil Widdairs

Ph.D. in Kitteh Psychology  
BSc (Hons) Headology  
Psy.D. Furry Logic
 MS. Fuzzy Logic
MA. Common Sense

My other Professional Credits include:

NOM Master
Snoozy Savant
Purr Master
AdvoCat of T.L. Treatment
Touchy Feely Therapy or T.F.T
Purrfume Aroma Treatment or P.A.T

Dr Basil ~ helping mew to solve all your Pet Peeves, Purrsonal Problems and Desperate Dilemmas, no matter how great or small they may be.

I use only the very latest techniques, some of which I have developed myself over my long and esteemed career, which include:

 Purr Therapy ~ For Uptight and Particularly Stressed Kittehs 

Nom Zen ~The Art of Nomming in Total Tranquility 

ZZZ's Snooze Sensation ~ Including Mewsical CatNap Sessions tailored to your purrsonal requirements

YogiCat Meditation ~ Stretches and Breathing Techniques for the Severely Stressed & Overworked

Intense CatNip Therapy ~ This treatment speaks for itself (I find it very beneficial)

I am also an AdvoCat of Tough Love coupled with a healthy dose of common kitteh sense

Purrfume Aroma Treatment ~ A Sensory Smelling Session S.S.S. to calm and soothe with highly aromatic blends of specially selected scents

To help you release all your stresses and worries just drop by my new clinic held here every Saturday or, alternatively email me your problem and I'll answer here, if mew require to remain anonymous or anon, purrlease include that in your email. 

Mew can contact me directly at the following address:

DearDrBasil (at) gmail (dot) com

So come and sit on my supurr comfy couch, relax, breath deeply and tell me of your troubles, as I'm ready, willing and able to help...

This is one of my latest cases via email:

Dear Dr Basil,

Purrlease can mew help me?  I'm despurrate!  I'm an only cat and my hooman has gone and got herself a boyfriend (the absolute nerve of it!) and this is severely cutting into 'my time' and 'my purrsonal needs' ~ what should I do?

Yours having nearly lost all hope of ever regaining the upper paw and getting rid of this usurper and interloper once and fur all!

Kevin GingerChops
Mew York City

This is my Expert Reply

(Notice how I use a calming blue text colour to sooth Kevins frayed furry nerves)

Dear Kevin

I hear what mew are saying and this is not an uncommon problem, hooman gets new hooman furriend, new relationship interferes and upsets the dynamic and status quo in the previously purrfect home environment. Your fur is severely ruffled, pat's are on ration and your zen harmonies have been shamelessly disharmonied.

Mew are obviously furry upset by this 'interloper' as mew call him and what a fitting description.  So first we must address the root cause of your hooman feeling the need to get a new furriend, have you been neglecting your duties as Cat of the House?  If so then we need to delve deeper, but if not, I recommend this course of action to help take back your purrsonal power or P.P.:

1.   When hooman and interloper are together always make sure you get on your hoomans knee and put bottom end towards interloper, stretch up with bottom always facing interloper, make a big show of it.

2.   If they are engaging in any type of hooman bonding sit there for a few moments and use your most intense penetrating stare.  When they realise they are being watched, take this as your cue to get in-between them and settle down on your hooman purring as noisily as mew can - DO NOT hesitate - Keeping yourself stationed firmly and resolutely between them.

3.   When they are eating always go for the interlopers plate, sit on table and edge closer until mew are within striking distance, lunge and grab whatever is nearest on the plate (Do not ever take steaming hot food and make sure that's it's not spicy hot either, using the Spicy Smell Test.) If all is fine to proceed - Nom on it really loudly, if what you grabbed is not to your liking spit it out and walk off in utter distaste, showing him your rear end. 

4.   If the interloper ever makes any sudden movements towards mew, cry out like he's hurt mew and cry very loudly so your hooman hears, flop on your side and pretend to injured. Your hooman should start to doubt the motives of her new furriend if you do this enough.

5.  When the interloper tries to be nice towards mew and wants to pat you, hiss, screech and wail, hackles up, back arched, tail brushed out as big as you can make it and then bounce very gently up and down on your paws, like he's an evil scary monster.  This will also make your hooman question the interlopers intentions further.

6.   Always sleep on the pillow the interloper likes, even if this is not your usual 'Z Spot' make it yours for the duration of this campaign. If the interloper tries to remove you, flick your claws out and cling on to everything: Bed Covers, Duvets, Blankets or whatever and don't forget to cry out loudly, as if in acute pain. At this point, if done correctly, your hooman should rush to your side admonishing the interloper severely.

Usually by this stage, the interloper will have got the message, conceded defeat and deemed your hooman as a crazy cat lady and left with his tail between his legs. However, there are some quite resilient interlopers and this is where the next steps come into play.

7.   When he stays overnight, if he's the type to leave his clothes on the floor or on a chair, make sure that at some stage mew get your furry body all over them, releasing as much cat fur and dander as possible, an amount that takes days to fully remove. If the interloper has allergies this is wonderful and highly beneficial in your campaign..

8.   If all of the above have failed, there is only one thing left to do, pee on the interloper, back up and directly spray him, mark him and make him yours. Spray his man bag, if he has one, just pee on everything that's his and go for full saturation. Mew can then decide what course of action to take after this, as there will be one of three possible outcomes:

a) He will leave instantly in total disgust and reeking of your stinking acid pee. 

b) He will try to grab you and scold you like a lunatic, now everyone knows that this is a totally futile exercise and only works on the dummy doggies, and also your hooman won't like this one bit. She should show him the door, and kick him to the curb faster than mew can say, 'Give me yummy Noms!' 

c) You will have got yourself another hooman to dote on mew and your every whim and what's better than one hooman, that would be two hoomans at your command, but only take option C if mew know you handle two at once.  If mew have any doubt, steer towards A or B.

(I will be holding a Webinar in 'How to Successfully Wrangle Multi-Hooman Households Purrfectly' in the coming months, for those that find it difficult, sometimes intense and slightly overwhelming - Stay tuned for the date)

Kevin, I do hope that the Saturday Solution has helped mew and if mew require any further consultations, purrlease don't hesitate to MEOW me!

Yours most sincerely

Dr Basil

@ The Saturday Solution Clinic T.M.


If mew can relate to Kevin's problem or feel that mew are in need of any assistance purrlease leave a comment to: Dear Dr Basil.... or email me directly and I'll get back to mew.

Thank mew all for joining me today on The Saturday Solution with Dr Basil, and if you've missed this session don't forget that I'll be back next week with another open clinic and case study.

Until then, Keep Calm and Purr

Dr Basil

Ph.D. ~ BSc. (Hons) ~ Psy.D. ~ MS ~ MA 

'The Paw Print Seal of Approval'

Copyright and All Rights Reserved @ Dr. Basil The Saturday Solution


  1. Dear Dr Basil
    We hope you might be able help us with our purroblem. Our human keeps saying she is going to get a chinese crested. We do realise she is saying this only because our girl dog Aggie has been shedding a lot lately, but just the thought of it! Another canine in our household??? Shock horror!!! How can we ensure that this never happens? Please do help us!!!

    Yours sincerely
    Ginger, Tondo and Tilde


    1. Dear Ginger, Tondo and Tilde

      Thank mew furry much fur your question.

      Well, I have been pondering your purroblem. It seems to me that your hooman is tired of 'fur' and wants to get a bald doggie instead so there is no more fur-shedding problem. However, there are two ways mew can look at this particular situation. A) Is the Doggy a rescue, which despurrately needs a home? or B) Does your hooman just want another doggy?

      Option A) is an option worth considering, as there are many poor doggies in need and if mew can help a doggy in need that far outweighs any feelings of concern that mew should have about sharing your home, plus mew are helping to save a fellow furriend in need. Imagine how warm and fuzzy that would make mew all feel and the doggie in question would be eternally grateful that three fabulous felines such as yourselves had saved him or her from a loveless lonely life. Therefore, earning you more Yummy Nom Points (YNP) than you could poke your tails at for a furry long time.

      Option B) this is the option mew should be more worried about, this is the option mew want to avoid. So my first suggestion is, that at night when your hooman is sleeping that mew all take turns brush/groom Aggie and dispose of the offending material on the quiet. If this is a ‘no go’ area for mew three then I can suggest that mew need to steer your hooman towards a Pet-Mitt or Furrminator brush. These both work marvellously at removing copious amounts of fur and make for easy disposal of it too. (Perhaps your hooman already has these implements or similar, but forgotten about them. If this is the case - find them and place near Aggie in full view of your hooman.)

      However if your hooman is still insistent, then we will have to explore further scenarios to keep your household as it is.

      Let me know how mew get on with this first and if we need to take another route, purrlease don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Yours most sincerely

      Dr. Basil

      @ Your Service on The Saturday Solution

  2. Dear Dr Basil
    It was very kind and gracious of you to give us the benefit of your expertise. We do rather feel however that your first option of actually acquiring another canine is a definite no no. This is the very thing we are trying to avoid.

    As far as the second option is concerned, there may be some merit in that, although we do not feel able to groom our Aggie ourselves. It is not for the lack of willingness on our part, it is just that she does not like to get up close and purrrsonal with us, not to mention that she is rather large for our little tongues. But we do like the idea of placing Aggie's grooming implements in a strategic position, so that our hooman finds it more convenient to use them.

    Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

    Yours sincerely
    Ginger, Tondo and Tilde

    1. Many greetings Ginger, Tondo and Tilde,

      I'm not surrprised that mew didn't go fur option A) as I could tell by the tone of your writing that this was a total 'non starter' however as a Professional Advisor I do need to be objective and unbiased towards our doggy furriends and therefur it is my duty to offer options and solutions, some of which may not be to your liking. But they still need to be said, as otherwise what kind of Advisor would I be?

      Not knowing the actual size of Aggie at the time of your letter, now renders the Kitty Grooming advice out of the window with yesterdays soggy crunchies.

      However, I am purrleased that mew liked my idea for the grooming implements, purrlease let me know how that pans out and if I can help you further should anything else untoward arise in your happy home, drop me a line.

      Yours most utterly sincerely

      Dr. Basil

      @ Your Service on The Saturday Solution

  3. Hi Dr Basil, congrats for your fantastic blog ! I've just started to read it and I'm impressed! For a moment Bizduk and I - Balb (lovely couple) haven't got any problems but I'll keep your link for a future !
    puuuurrrrrrrsssssssss and love

    1. Many Greetings Bizduk and Balb, thank mew for your pawesome compliment and it is so nice to meet mew both.

      And I must say that I'm very purrleased that mew don't have any problems at the moment, but should that change purrlease don't hesitate to contact me... no matter how small it may seem. My door is always open...

      Also, my Purrsonal Assistant Ms. Garnell has added you to our circles on Google+ if that is to your liking.

      Kindest regards and purrs

      Dr. Basil

      @ Your Service on The Saturday Solution


*Waves Paw* we love comments and do purr extra loud when mew leave one, and we do try to reply to effurypurrdy and visit mew too! ❤️❤️❤️

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