Monday, 24 September 2012

The Monday Meow!

It's Monday Meowing Time!

 Latest Mews Flash

This is the breaking mews from my neck of the woods. By 'eck mew'll never believe it but there's Buzzards buzzing around in the big blue.  Yes, mew heard me right Buzzards, and they look purretty large too!  If mew don't know what one looks like, here's a picture.

These birdies are a purretty decent size they can grow up to 50 cm long with a wing span of up to 137 cm.  They hunt in the daytime too and their preferred prey is small mammals, such as voles and rabbits, but they also hunt smaller birds like pigeons and crows. I'm most impurressed with their skillz!

So fur all mew kitties and iddy bitteh kittens, keep an eye out and you may see these magnificent Birds of Prey in a sky near mew!

Until next weeks Monday Meow, stay vigilant and keep safe.

Bestest Meows and Purrs

This is your Monday Meow Mews Reporter signing off



  1. Buzzards are gorgeous birdies and I bet they mainly prey on dead things! I think!!

    Happy Monday Basil!! Take care

  2. Hello mew fabulous kitties, how are you on this fine Monday?

    It's furry mice that you mew stopped by my blog again :)

    As long as they don't want to eat me, they can eat whatever!!! MOL

    Wishing you a super purry day

    Basil x


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