Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What CatNip do Mew Prefer?

What Catnip do Mew Prefer?

Finding the right Catnip is a most important thing!
Mew don't want to just settle fur any old catnip, mew want the stuff that makes mew go like this!

And then like this!

Finally, like this!

My purrsonal favourite at the moment is a new spray-on variety by Kong

Mew can buy this super potent, mega deeeelicious spray from:

Now don't get me wrong, I do love the leaves too and this is my favourite

Available from Amazon

I like the leaves because mew can roll in them, lick them, nom them and then roll in them some more.  I like the spray because it makes my toys totally irresistible as mew can see from my pictures! 

I'm also quite partial to the Catmint in the garden!

Sometimes Uber Garden Fresh is best!

So my question to mew is, what's your purrsonal favourite?

Leave me a comment below, perhaps we'll even have a Voting Poll, what do mew think?

Bestest meows and purrs



  1. Charlie is very partial to silvervine! It' sort of nip but lethal! LOL!! Oh and he does love my catnip plant in a pot too! Take care

    1. I've never heard of Silvervine, I'll have to see if my P.A. can get me some of that, especially if Charlie thinks it's good! MOL

      Thank mew fur stopping by and sharing that with me!

      Bestest purrs and meows



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