Monday, 15 October 2012

The Monday Meow - HedgeHogs Abound!

It's Monday Meowing Time!

Latest Mews Flash - HedgeHogs Abound!

Today my little furballs of furriness, I'm going to share one of the cutest creatures in the UK, these are Hedgehogs, but I like to call them Hedgepigs, cause I think that's cuter.  These uber cute critters are nocturnal and they hibernate all winter.  So the chances of seeing them can be quite limited unless you live with me... (only kidding! MOL)

We have a whole posse of Hedgepigs that live down the field, and they have been coming for years, so I've been privileged to meet several generations in my garden. They come every night for fresh crunchies which my Purrsonal Assistant (Ms. Garnell) puts under the car port for them. Image creator's user name: "SOMMAI"

My P.A. has tried on numerous occasions to get photo's of them, but sadly they hide under the wood pile! So we have had to get this cute photo instead.

But I digress, back to the Hedgepigs.  It's most important to look after wildlife and in our garden we feed anything and everything.  The Hedgepigs can be particularly vulnerable creatures and if mew should ever happen upon one that has been injured or seems unwell click the link below to find out more about what mew should do in case of an emergency:

Also this time of year, putting food and water out for them is very important as they are getting ready to hibernate, mew can find out everything mew need to know about creating a Wildlife Furriendly Garden here: 

And for lot's more useful Hedgepig facts: 

So there you have it - How to Create Hedgepig Happiness!

Until next weeks Monday Meow, stay vigilant and keep safe.

Bestest Meows and Purrs

This is your Monday Meow Mews Reporter signing off



  1. Simply love your post and love these little animals !
    Oh by the way, I hope you have a moment to speak with them during the night ! lol

  2. Monday Greetings to mew! Thanks fur stopping by again :D Of course I have little conversations with them, they are just so cute and I share my kitty crunchies with them as well!!! :) Purrs Basil :)

  3. I have one who visits my pots and digs up my bulbs!! They are super adorable! Take care

  4. I have heard of these critters but I've never seen them. I don't think we have them here in Canada. The peep has a pattern to knit one, I think but I also think that's not as good as the real kind. We have raccoons, here. You ever see a coon? purrs


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