Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Purrsday Paw

Welcome to The Purrsday Paw! 

This week the Purrsday Paw is all about 'Clawless' another novel that I feature in with my sisfur Amber, and brofur Humphrey.

Book Description

7 Mar 2011
Clawless stars: Kimmy * Pancho * Cisco * The Late Great Treat * Kittibits * Boots * Amber * Akasha * Lou * Mr * Squishy * Rain * Betsey * Mugger * Silver * Ivy * Geo * Humphrey * Basil * Luna 

Meet the Le Claw litter - the Late Jock MacTartan and his two sons, Clawde and Arfur and their mates, the feisty (and slightly over acting), Clawdette and the tiny, kitten-less Furnella. What is the dark secret that she is hiding? 

 Their main rival is Solange the wicked stepmother who married Wee Jock just days before his final demise to 'Rainbow Bridge' and who has plans to take as much as she can and leave the fashion House of Le Claw destitute. And, if they haven't got enough to worry about, up pops the evil and sinister Monsieur Le Fluffy. His dastardly intentions are to strike the company while it is vulnerable, with the sole purpose of taking it over completely leaving the Le Claws - clawless! 

And who is the mysterious Clyde from Castle Clydeula and why does he only come out only after nightfall? The claws are out for the McTartan family! 
The Catastrophe PurrductionAuthors:- Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - Christine Wilson - Anne Sutton - Rebecca Gresham - Rachael Sharma - Cathrine Garnell - Mara Strydom -Teri Offield - Etta Finta

About the Authors


This exciting and fan'cat'stic novel was started on by a group of 9 ladies, who have never met and who come from all over the world - Canada, Australia, South Africa, United States of America and the United Kingdom it has been written to benefit two animal charities.  

Mew can buy this pawesome novel from:


The claws are out for the McTartan family!

"If your cat made a soap it would be just like this!" Mews of the World 
"Darlings, this is a must have for any season." Mogue  
"Clawless is the new black for this season, buy it!" Furrshion Weekly

"If there's one thing mew add to your collection this Fall, this is it!" Glamfurr

"Best in Show!" The Daily Meow

All the proceeds go to two different Kitty Charities:

Bath Cats and Dogs Home in the U.K. and Jefferson Humane Society, Washington State, USA. 

So help a few kitties this winter by buying this hilarious novel.  A feline frenzy in the furrshion world with more dodgy dealings than you can poke your furry tail at!

So there mew have it, a totally fantabulous band of authors helping the poor and unfortunate kitties around the world. Help us to help them - Purrlease - Mew know it makes sense. Thank mew furry much!

See mew at the next Purrsday Paw

The Furry Bestest Meows and Purrs


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