Monday, 5 November 2012

The Monday Meow! Are Mew Feeling Batty?

Welcome to this weeks Monday Meow!

This week my fantabulous furry feline furriends, I thought I'd share with mew a few facts about Bats and as Halloween was last week, I thought the topic of bats was very apt.

As mew know, my garden is a veritable delight of all creatures great, small, flying, climbing, scurrying and hopping, just to mention a few.

But I digress, often at dusk, just before it gets too dark, mew can see these little cute batty bats zooming quite low over the garden, don't worry I'm sure they're not the Vampire Bats (muwahahahahaa!) 

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick

So let's move swiftly on to the super batastic batty facts:

Did mew know that there are over 1,100 species of bats in the world? Me either, and apparently there are more being discovered all the time!

Bats account for approx 25% of the mammal species in the UK and approx 20% world wide! 

Bats are more closely related to humans than they are to mice.  

Bats usually have one offspring per year and can live to be approx 30 years old.

A typical Batty diet is usually insects but the vampire Bats in far off colonies around the world do drink blood! 

I'm not a bat expert, howeffur mew can find out so much more at The Bat Conservation Trust:

At the website there's a whole supply of detailed information ranging from a Bat Monitoring Programme:

What do if mew have a batty purroblem:

To Gardening for Bats:

I think that it's most furry important to look after our environment and make sure that our batty furriends are looked after, so now if you encounter any batty situation mew have all the tools to deal with it safely and in a bat furriendly manner. 

Until next weeks Monday Meow, stay vigilant and keep safe.

Bestest Meows and Purrs

This is your Monday Meow Mews Reporter signing off



  1. Interestin' stuff there, my friend. Do you know what? Twice, we've had a bat in the house. And not in the attic, either. Once there was a bat hanging from the ceiling in the basement and another time was was hanin' on the hinge of the front door. Weird, I know. I wasn't allowed to chase 'em or anything. The peep went to their rescue and got them back outside. MOUSES!

    1. Thanks Nerissa! So mew have had close encounters of the batty kind - not once but twice!!! Pawesome!!

  2. Hey there pal! Guess what? You won an award! That's right. Come on over to visit me at Nerissa's Life and check out the post, "I ownz it!" purrs

    1. OMGOSH!!! Mew are most seriously KIND Nerissa!! Thank mew furry much!!!

      Many many purrrrrrrz of appreciation

      Basil x0x


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