Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Purrsday Paw ~ Can mew help?

Welcome to The Purrsday Purr

This weeks paw is all about 

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary
Honeysuckle Farm Buckland Road Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 4SA

This marvellous place, rehomes and rescues unwanted and mistreated horses and ponies.  Some become permanent residents and others are lucky enough to get new homes.

They even have a sponsorship programme where mew can sponsor a pony or horse of your choosing.

Obviously this is a Registered Charity, and also one that my Purrsonal Assistant Ms. Garnell actively supports.

Mew can find out so much more by visiting their website and learn how mew can help and support the unfortunate unwanted horses and ponies that are now being looked after by these supurr kind and caring peeps.

 There is an on-line gift shop, so if mew know anyone that's horse mad, they have a purrfect selection of equine items to choose from, ideal fur birthdays and Catmass pressies too.

I know that times are tough and the economy is totally pants, but there are still so many animals in despurrate need of assistance.  So if mew could spare just a few pounds '£' to help our fellow creatures, all great and small, that would be truly pawesome!

Thank mew furry much fur listening and remember together we can make a difference - one paw at a time!

Until next weeks Purrsday Paw

Bestest meows and purrs

Your furrpal 


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