Saturday, 22 December 2012

FREE BOOKS HERE! Will Mew Share the Good Cheer?

Seasons Greetings to all my Pawesome Readers, Subscribers and Followers!

As a Big Thank Mew from me & my Purrsonal Assistant, Ms. Garnell, for all your support over the last year she is putting her three Children's Novels on Amazon for FREE!

On December 25th & 26th get your Free Copies of all her Kindle novels for younger readers including my pawesome tome, and if mew could like the pages as mew get your freebies that would be truly pawesome too.

Just Click the Links below to get your copies and feel free to share the good cheer!

Basil the Bionic Cat

*     *     *

Tamara's Time Machine

*      *     *

Vile Violeticia

*     *     *

To find out more about the novels click here:

*     *     *

Bestest purrs and meows



  1. Hey there Basil! You've just gotta come on over to my blog today 'cause there's a special little something waitin' for you over there. purrs

    1. Thank mew Nerissa fur visiting today, and I will tootle along ASAP to find out what the big SECRET is!!! :D

      Bestest purrs

      Basil xoxo


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