Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cover Reveal for my P.A. Cathrine Garnell! Kosmic K9 and BatCat!

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for my P.A.'s New Novel!

(And before mew ask - No, sadly I do not star in this Space-alicious Novel!!!)

Kosmic K9 & BatCat

Quartermass and the Pigs

A mad and often hilarious romp in space with the completely unassuming Commander Napoleon Wruff and his trusty second in command, Petuna Purrzmore, whose secret identities are the infamous and intergalactic duo:- 

Kosmic K9 & BatCat!

Planetary war breaks out, literally, as the planet Phullmass is torn apart by the totally insane Mad Hogg and his posse of pirateering pigs.  A whole menagerie of other animals are caught up in the mayhem as the clock countdowns to a total world-wide disaster!

Can Phullmass be saved?

Will the dynamic duo and their highly trained S.A.S. Team (Sheep Assault Squad) win the day?

Do Ramshackle and GigaLamb have the knowledge and science to put the planet back together again?

Can the Cows produce enough methane gas to keep Mad Hoggs dream alive?

There's only one way to find out - Read the Novel!

*     *     *

Expected E-Book Release ~  Spring 2013

Fully Illustrated Version coming sometime in 2013 
Illustrations by Jason Weatherbed

*     *     *

I hope mew like the cover as much as I, and the rest of The Kitty Clan UK Division do!


*     *     *

Image courtesy of [Victor Habbick]

Title & Text copyright Cathrine Garnell 2013


  1. I wait with bait on my breath. Sardines that is.

    1. Mmmmmm - yummmmmy sardines - deeelicious!!!

      Purrs xox

  2. Uber cool! Hey, we used to have a sheep that would qualify for that squadron! He was the top picture in our Saturday post for "Knitted"!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

    1. Mew have a sheep that would want to join the SAS? Pawesome - send him along asap :D

      Purrs xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Mew know it's true!!!! Hold onto your uber comfy sofa - the ride is going to be bumpy, adventurous and totally space-alicious!!!

      Purrs xoxo


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