Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Smooch Report - Tunnelling to Victory - Giro in Jeopardy!

Welcome to the latest Installment of 

The Smooch Report!

As mew can see, Das Smooch is really getting himself settled in.  There I was the other day, playing with my Giraffe - Giro, so very kindly given to me by the pawesome peeps at

(Fur being a speshul runner-up in their fan'cat'stic photo competition last year)

Anyways I digress, so there I was having a supurr furry wunderpurr time, minding my own buziness playing with my giraffe when this happened...


And the little Smooch wanted my giraffe - I just couldn't believe it!

Can mew?

(Mock Shock is adorning my most furry handsome face right now!)

He was using all of his uber cute Smoochie Skillz to try and lure my giraffe away.  Well let me tell mew, the giraffe is mine and all the uber cute Smoochie skillz in the known Cosmos are not going to get in-between me and Giro the Giraffe.

Better luck next time Smooch!


 See mew in the next post

 Yours on permanent toy patrol for the indefinite and unforeseeable future

Bestest purrs and meows


P.S.  Stop by tomorrow for a totally pawesome Cover Reveal of my P.A.'s brand new Novel!

Coming Spring 2013


  1. No way! Honing in on YOUR toys? Never heard the likes of it...

    1. I know - the nerve of it hey????? Outrageous to say the least!!!!

  2. Let him get his own giraffe! Or a zebra maybe! Or a rhino! That giraffe is yours!

    1. Absolutely..... appurrentley he's put in an order for a toy seal with the P.A. so we'll see what happens!!! MOL!!!

  3. Guard the Girrhaff wit ferociousnessess!

    1. I can assure mew most sincerely Giro is safe and being purrtected at all times!!! MOL

      Purrs XOX


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