Friday, 24 May 2013

Basil The Bionic Cat ~ FREE for the Bank Holiday Weekend ~ Get Your Copy NOW!

Great News my fabulous feline followers!

Just because I wanted to do something wunderful, I used my irresistible purrsausion (I purred effur so softly!) on my P.A. to give my novel away for FREE! 

~ Yes,  mew heard me right and no, mew don't have cloth ears! ~ 

It will be FREE FREE FREE on Amazon everywhere 
from Caturday 25th May to Monday 27th May

So don't miss out of this Fan'cat'stic oppurrtunity

Click the links below to get yours NOW!



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Click below

Enjoy all the fun that is Basil the Bionic Cat (the novel)

Happy reading my furriends!

Bestest Meows and Purrs



Don't forget to share the fun ~ tell everyone mew know!

And if mew don't have a Kindle, mew can download the App for PC, Mac and everything else at the Amazon Kindle Store

Click Here:

Amazon Kindle Apps for Everything!

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