Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spring has finally SPRUNG!!!

Well my pawesome band of furry furriends, 
Spring has finally Sprung! 

At last I hear mew say!

It's been a long cold winter and there's nothing nicer than getting ones fur in the sunshine...


 Amber enjoying the cool grass

Snowie getting her glow on

Yours truly enjoying the daisies


Das Smoochie getting down and dirty in the soil

Tulips Abound!!

As mew can tell I love the Spring, the supurr shiny sunshine and all the purretty flowers and best of all, the Hedgehogs are back!  And guess what else is here?  We've gone all Batty, with the little black winged beasties in the garden, how cool is that? Well I think it's totally pawesome.

See mew soon with The Smooch Report, as lots has been happening there with my speshul needs brofur.

Bestest meows and purrs




  1. it has sprung in Michigan too and we couldn't be more thrilled!

    1. Fan'cat'stic!!! I just loves Spring!!!

      Bestest purrs

      Basil xox

  2. We are so glad it's warming up too! About time!

    1. Totally - efurrybody needs some warms!!!

      Bestest meows

      Basil xox


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