Friday, 26 July 2013

Tomcat Commentary by Tim: Friday is time to #GiveAHoot

Tomcat Commentary by Tim: Friday is time to #GiveAHoot: Hi Furends: We are so glad to be a part of the Anipal Network that joins together to help those in need. It seems that we really know how ...

The Smooch Report ~ Turf Wars!

Welcome to the latest installment of

The Smooch Report!


Furriday Greeting my wonderpurr pals

This week my naughty little  brofur decided to be a menace by tormenting poor Amber.

As mew can see from the pictures Amber, who is not known fur her outdoor prowess, preferring to stay indoors 99% of the time, actually made a very rare appearance in the garden on Monday evening. Mind mew it was furry furry muggy and humid - hence her escape from the house.

So I digress, she made it onto the lawn and settled down. Smoochie who loves it outside was already there, parked next to one of the pots.

The pictures tell the story, Amber was following our P.A. around and Smoochie decided that one kitty on the lawn was enuff! 

Poor Amber was furry intimidated by the little fellow, who is actually half her size!

I did intervene and stop all further disputes, obviously 'off camera'  

Purrfect Zen Harmonies were soon restored

So there mew have another little montage of Smoochies garden antics

Bestest weekend purrs


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