Saturday, 17 August 2013

Amber's Literary Osmosis! (or not...)

Caturday Greetings my Pawesome Furriends

I do hope that this fine and fabulous month of August has been treating mew furry well, I can unashamedly say that I've been having a furry exciting time, hence my absence from blogging, but I must take a break from the endless rounds of Kitty Patrol and share this with mew...  (lighter nights means much more time outside)

My baby (younger) sisfur - well mew wouldn't think she was a baby if mew saw her, more of a heavyweight or heffle-lump, but I'd neffur say that to her face, I'm far too kind for that, I just share it with mew instead.

Anyway I'm digressing again... so Amber isn't the smartest kitty on the block, in fact mew could say she's rather simple, however that doesn't mean that she doesn't have any speshul qualities.  She has many, such as being able to eat more than any of us, she can sleep non stop for at least 10 hours,  getting up only when refueling is required for the next 10 hour snooze.  She can also catch bugs, should she effur decide to get off her cushion plus many more stirling attributes that would take me far too long to impart to mew.

So, the other day on a furry rare trip into my P.A.'s creation laboratory, Amber actually made it downstairs, outside, all the way across the courtyard and into the lab, actually it's about 30 ft from the house.  I was totally stunned she wasn't freaking out, as she has open-space issues too.  But anyway she made it into the lab, not a secret lab like in my novel, just so mew know.  So there she was, timidly exploring everywhere, she's terribly timid too another part of her speshulness. 

I watched from the doorway, as she came to the library chair, that the P.A. has just finished renovating, it looks mighty fine too... Amber not being one to miss out on trying a new cushion, promptly jumped up in said chair and made herslef at home amongst the library, where she promtly told me that she was learning by osmosis!

Did mew effur hear of such a thing?

Tell me, does this look like learning to mew?

I'll await the esteemed and valued opinions of my furriends before I tell her it didn't work, she doesn't know Dickens, The Complete History of the World and all the other classics,  inside out, back to front and upside just because she was sitting next to the bookcase.

I'll await your feedback before I have a little talk to her, as now she thinks she's got an I.Q. of a gazillion!

Bestest purrs

Your frustrated furpal




  1. Mommy swore by osmotic learning when she was in college! EONS ago.

    1. Pawesome, purrhaps it's true then... Amber may have an IQ of a gazillion!

  2. Hmm, well, since she wasn't sitting on a book, I don't see how she learned from one.. however! I'm sure she learned all about that chair and the cow(?) it came from while sitting on it? MOL! She does look lovely on it anyway.

    1. MOL ~ mew are too funny, howeffur I like your thinking, purrhaps she's a library chair expert now!

  3. Well Basil she does need something to fill up that inner space with. Maybe that the Osmosis plan has merit as we cats are nothing if not marvelous.
    Purrs my pal


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