Monday, 2 September 2013

Caption Competition ~ Meet my Brofur ~ Humphrey!

Monday Greetings to all my Wunderpurr Pals


Today I thought we'd have a bit of fun with my big brofur, Humphrey

Here he is, being all regal, royal-esque and right up his own fur, lounging King-like on a rather flashy throne.

  So I thought it would be furry funny to have a little contest...

Caption this photo 

The funniest entry will win a free bottle of 

Guaranteed to refresh the parts other catnip just cannot reach! 

And just so mew have something to play with too I'm including a Kong Catnip Beaver with refill.

The Caption Competition will run until the 30th of September 2013, and effuryone one is welcome to enter ~ My P.A. assures me that shipping worldwide is no purroblem.

The winner will be notified in early October and the bestest Caption will be showcased on the photo for the whole world to see.

Thank mew furry much your purrticipation and purrlease feel free to share with your kitty furriends.

Bestest meows 


Prizes are as shown, no substitutes available


  1. We're rubbish at captioning stuff but we are so honoured to meet gorgeous King Humphrey!! Yay! Take care

    1. Thank furry much fur stopping by! Basil XOX

  2. ...and I decree that there shall be nip for all.


  3. Kneel before me, you scurvy knave!

  4. Basil, I'm not very good at this sort of thing. But I'll give it a try, just for you and Humphrey:

    "All right, lowly peon, you're forgiven. Just don't do it again! Remember, black cats never forget--and you'd better not forget, either."


  5. Pretty good ones so fur. I will bring this up with the furmaly and we will see what we can think up

  6. "I'm the KING!!!!! Any questions?"

  7. My crown is missing...servants, go find my crown.

  8. Entry for: Pancho & Cisco - posted on Facebook - as they can't sign in here:

    "We are not amewsed."

  9. Aa Haa! And Yes my Person Brenda uses her Alter Cat Ego as Maple Kitten. Maple was my Big Sister and passed away to the Jelliccal Cat Heavy Side Lair. She had kidney cancer at the age of only TWO . We. Girl Furrs cope now by just allowing my Purrson Brenda to pose as Maple Kitten.

    Well now I can introduce ME. And say Hullo to Humphrey and Basil. And Basil, do you happen to know Basil Rathbone?? Well back to MEOW. My name is Weeping Willow Tree. Yes, I did say TREE. I have a Total Whitey White White FUR!! I am a bit of a talented breed. I have PINK skin under my white fur. And yes, I have Blue eyes. And thanks to my First people friends at Kittentanz Cattery in Georgia USA, I have wonderful complete hearing too. If you check out Kittentanz, you will meet my POPS Rocky and other Cousins and half-siblings. We are all known as Himalayan Crystal Blue Exotics. I am now age 4 according to my Human Brenda (AKA Maple Kitten). I love Brenda, but I hate her brushing me or cleaning my ears or trimming my claws. I just hang out having Furr. I enjoy carrying the tip of my tail curved outward and down, like the frond-like branches of a Weeping Willow Tree, such is my name. Well, once again, Greetings and Feline Solicitations to you Basil and also to Humphrey and your housemates!

  10. "I am beautiful ,direct descendant of the Egyptian kings and my human has come to understand this !"

  11. "so what's this I hear about Prince Albert in a can?"
    "should I be concerned about my royal person, or is it something good to eat?"


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