Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My Sisfur and Co-Star ~ Posie ~ Handle with Care

Meet Posie

This is my furry cute but terribly bad tempered sisfur Posie - I know from this uber gorgeous picture mew'd neffur believe it!

Now I know she looks all sweetness and light. Just like the cutest fluffiest ball of fur mew could ever want to cuddle, howeffur don't be fooled.  She's got the baddest temper this side of the Amazon Jungle and believe that's a long way from here.

I'm not judging, just saying that what might seem adorable on the outside, isn't always the case.  She should have come with a health warning:


My P.A. also recommends a few additional warnings:


(Especially at the vet)

(unless you want to lose a finger)

(Unless absolutely necessary)



As mew can tell from the various advisories, she's not the furriendliest kitty. Howeffur I put that down to her being abandoned when she was very young and missing out on the vital interactions required to socialize a kitty purroperly.

Her story is quite sad, she was a Christmas kitten and when the novelty wore off, she was basically shown the door.

When she should have been with some loving peeps to look after her and show her kindness and love, she was left to fend fur herself. 

When my P.A. adopted her at the rescue centre she was approx 7 months old. No-one had wanted her because she was too unpredictable and lashed out claws and all, but my P.A. wasn't put off in the slightest, she just said, 'She's cute, I'll take her!' and 'Nothing that a pair of thick leather gloves can't handle!'

After well over a decade of love and kindness, she has mellowed slightly but she's neffur forgotten the trauma inflicted (not that we'll effur know the true extent of her terrible circumstances) and she has to be approached with the utmost respect. She used to have very little tolerance of hooman interaction, and will still neffur be the kitty that sits for hours on someone's lap, perhaps mew'll get a few minutes at best and that's only with a cushion between sitter and sittee. 

My P.A. has the philosophy, that effuryone deserves a second chance* and time to heal. Posie has had both, but she is still scarred from her experiences. 

I would just like to say to all the peeps that want to get a kitten/s, purrlease don't get one unless you are absolutely 110% committed and seriously prepared to devote your time and treat them with all the love and respect they need while they are developing into Cathood. Failing to do this will result in a kitty that has more issues that mew can shake a feather wand at. 

Posie sadly is one of these kitties, and that's so unfair that this cutest of cute bundle of fur should have been treated so poorly. Imagine what could have been, if only she been treated better when she was a baby...

Ok, I've said my bit fur today, but I'd just like to say, that fur me purrsonally, I love my peeps, I love cuddles, I love snuggling on the bed, I love playing with my toys, I love being hand fed Dreamies, I love my brofurs and sisfurs. In fact I love everything and this is only possible because I've been shown love.

Love is purrecious   


* Sadly the same can't be said for some peeps in the world, but that's another tale entirely!


  1. Yeah for Posie....we are glad your peeps gave her the second chance she deserved (even if she doesn't show her appreciation). :)

  2. AWwwwwwwwwwwww so glad pretty Posie is now living the life with you all! She is a cutie with cattitude! Yay! take care

  3. I used to own a very grumpy kitty, and I loved him very very much. I'm glad your sisfur is safe to be as grumpy as she wants/needs to be..

  4. We have a rescue kitty too, used to hide behind sofas whenever peeps came his way, but I sat with him whilst he ate until he calmed down, he too used to lash out, but
    He hardly attacks anyone now and sometimes he even meows.

  5. Posie sounds a lot like our Zoey. She lived the first 9 months of her life out on her own. It's taken a long time, but she's finally coming around. But she sure has a temper too!

    We're glad Posie has a good home with you.

  6. That was so nice of your P.A. to adop Posie and gave her a second chance. This is a sad Christmas story while it could have been a lovely one.
    Sending purrs to you, your P.A. and Posie!


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