Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Ghoulish Halloween

Getting Ghostly


Ghostly Hands


Today my wonderpurr pals is a ghoulish ghostly post and as we actually do live in a haunted house, this is nothing to worry about fur us, howeffur that doesn't mean that the spirits won't be up to some mischief tonight! 

We had a poltergeist once.  It must have been a furry strong spirit (not of the alcohol kind either) as it moved the bed 2ft away from the wall, on another occasion it ripped the bedroom curtains down. Then it turned the cooker rings on, now that was purretty freaky - the P.A. was most freaked out especially when the curtains were ripped down for the third time and she was downstairs and the only one in house again - can you hear the Twilight Music playing the background? 

There was all kind of unexplained activity for months, things going missing and then other objects appearing that weren't even ours.  Orbs danced across the walls, the floor boards creaked when no-one was there, furry cold spots, and all kinds of bizarre happenings happened - it was furry furry spooky! 

But being the stalwart felines we all are, we just got on with it and carried on as normal, spooks or no spooks, we shall not be moved.

(Things still happen occasionally, but not as bad)

That concludes my post fur today, but I wish mew all well on All Hallows Eve, stay safe and be well my furriends.

Until next time



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part IV

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown


Today my pawesome furpals, I thought we'd go totally batty and enjoy a little immortality. I don't know about mew, but I think immortality could be fun but only if I could get some great staff to help me around my Transylvanian kitty castle! 

Gothic and Dark Images

As mew can tell, I'm loving my new look and mew may call me 

Count Viddairs   


Count Widdairs

Not that I'm really into biting anyone in the neck.....  let me just think about that for a moment... well actually I must confess that I do bite the occasional rodent, but not necessarily in the neck, does that count? 

But I digress, so where was I.... oh yes, biting, I suppose that comes with the territory of being a supurr feline, so that's a moot point. Really being a vampire kitty would be no different then apart from the immortality, mesmerising stare (actually already have that) and being supurr fast and strong.  I can see the plus points, where do I sign up?

I'm not sure the rest of the Kitty Clan would assimilate into Vampirism so easily! Amber is a total veggie so biting anything in the neck is completely out the question fur her.  

Smoochie would adapt furry well, even with his three legs he'd still be invincible and being a youngster his transition would be no purroblem.  

As for Snowie, she is getting on a bit, well a lot actually (she's two hundred and elebenty seven, but I didn't say that - sssshhhh)

Humphrey is getting a little long in the tooth - pardon the pun - he's even older than Snowie. 

Posie is too much of a Diva to even go there, effurything with her is such a HUGE drama.

So it looks like it's just me and supurr Smoochums being all fangy and fearless fur FRIGHT NIGHT!

The Prince of Darkness

As mew can see, Smoochums is the most purrfect

Purrince of Darkness

And on that note, me and my supurr batty sidekick will sign off for the day, but fear not we'll all be back fur the main event tomorrow.  Until then... 



Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part 3

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown


I don't know about mew, but I think that no Halloween is complete without the obligatory walking dead aka ZOMBIES!!

Now let me tell mew, one kitty I wouldn't want to stumble upon whilst I'm out patrolling on All Hallows Eve is a Zombie Kitty, and I certainly wouldn't want him trying to eat my brains either, no way, no chance, not now, not effur! 

(I like my brains just where they are - thank mew furry much)

This was Amber's reaction from just seeing hearing the wurds 'zombie kitty', imagine what it would be like in real life ~ Oh My ~ EEEEEEK!

Amber Screaming

Anyway, Amber is now in regular counselling, as she is visiting my Clinic aka Dear Dr. Basil on The Saturday Solution (I'll be posting details of her sessions soon) and she is resolving a lot of her issues, so I expect she'll make a full recovery at some point.

So my wonderpurr pals if mew are unfortunate enough to land in the path of one of these, or mew find yourself being chased by a Zombie Horde - my furry best advice is RUN and RUN like you've neffur RUN before, otherwise, mew could be in some furry BIG trouble and furry possibly end up brainless - which I might add, is not a good look fur anyone.

The Zombie Hoard

And that brings us to the end of another post my furriends, but tune in again for more Halloween exploits coming soon...
Bestest SCREAMING Meows


Monday, 28 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part Deux

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown


Halloween Countdown

As mew may have noticed in my purrevious post, that the new addition to the furrmily was missing!

This is remedied here today, with Smoochie being the latest victim in the Halloween photo enhancement campaign.

Smoochie Halloween 2013

Doesn't he just look so adorably cute in his little pointy hat with all his spider furriends and the red eyed demon?

And it appears he's been taking up Witch Craft too in his spare time, sneaky little beast!  I must speak with the P.A. about this as I don't want being turned into a frog or something even worse - A MOUSE!!!  The absolute horror of it, now that's a dose of Karma I purrsonally want to avoid.  

Imagine that, one minute you're a totally pawesome supurr fan'cat'stic feline with the world (well your back garden) at your paws and the next minute...

*POOF*'re the pesky rodent on effury kitties high priority kill list! 

Like OMG or purrhaps I should say OMC!!!

Purrhaps then, if I don a pointy hat too, he'll think I've already completed my wizardy training and think twice about getting up to any mischief.  Either that or my evil rogue pumpkins and mesmerizing stares will keep him in check.  

Bring it on Smoochums!!! 


halloween 2

Well, that's it for today my furriends, but stay tuned for more Halloween posts coming soon...

Bestest Muwhahahahahahahahaaaaaaa purrs


Friday, 25 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part One

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown

Halloween Countdown

My P.A. Ms. Garnell loves Halloween, it's her most favourite holiday effur and I thought it would be fun to share with mew over the next few days a few seasonal things, starting of with this:

What's my least favourite thing about Halloween?

Mine is being subjected to endless photo enhancements - See below

What's my most favourite thing about Halloween?

That the rest of the Kitty clan get endless photo enhancements too! MOL






So my wonderpurr furrpals, what do mew think of Halloween and do your hoomans do this kind of thing to your photo's?

Bestest scary purrs


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Caption This Competition Winner - Drum Roll Purrlease.....

Caption This Competition Winner! 

Can we have drum roll purrlease...

After much deliberation late last evening and again this morning around the crunchy bowl, on the sofa, while the P.A. was eating breakfast, on the bed etc - so mew can see how furry difficult this decision was.  We, known collectively as: 

The Kitty Clan UK Division 

have finally reached a verdict on the best caption for Humphrey's MugShot

Firstly I must say a huge thank mew to effuryone that left a caption. It was a furry tough decision for us, and Humphrey being the total drama queen that he is, wanted to put effuryones caption on, not just satisfied with one, the greedy chops wanted them ALL! 
(So typical!!! MOL)

But without further adieu, here is the winning entry

Many Con'cat'ulations 
katzen-0044.gif from

 Katnip Lounge

katzen-0044.gif from

Mew are now the lucky recipient of some of the finest catnip there is 

  Guaranteed to refresh the parts other catnip just cannot reach! 
(In my humble opinion)

(I know, I have my own supply of this particular brand and it blows your fur off for a totally pawesome nip experience and seeing that the Katnip Crew are also Catnip Connoisseurs, this should be right up their scratch post!)

and of course let's not furrget the Catnip Beaver

I don't purrsonally have this - note to self: Tell the P.A. to get me one too -  it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Thanks again fur your purrticipation and stay tuned because I have another Caption This Competition coming soon... I just need to get the P.A. to sort a photo.

Wishing mew all a supurr purry day

Bestest purrs


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