Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Ghoulish Halloween

Getting Ghostly


Ghostly Hands


Today my wonderpurr pals is a ghoulish ghostly post and as we actually do live in a haunted house, this is nothing to worry about fur us, howeffur that doesn't mean that the spirits won't be up to some mischief tonight! 

We had a poltergeist once.  It must have been a furry strong spirit (not of the alcohol kind either) as it moved the bed 2ft away from the wall, on another occasion it ripped the bedroom curtains down. Then it turned the cooker rings on, now that was purretty freaky - the P.A. was most freaked out especially when the curtains were ripped down for the third time and she was downstairs and the only one in house again - can you hear the Twilight Music playing the background? 

There was all kind of unexplained activity for months, things going missing and then other objects appearing that weren't even ours.  Orbs danced across the walls, the floor boards creaked when no-one was there, furry cold spots, and all kinds of bizarre happenings happened - it was furry furry spooky! 

But being the stalwart felines we all are, we just got on with it and carried on as normal, spooks or no spooks, we shall not be moved.

(Things still happen occasionally, but not as bad)

That concludes my post fur today, but I wish mew all well on All Hallows Eve, stay safe and be well my furriends.

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  1. Yay for carrying on normally despite this poltergeist!! Yikes!! How scary!!

    Awww have a lovely halloween!! Take care

  2. Thanks for dropping by our bloggie Basil! A poltergeist sounds very scary too us but we would collectively scare the pants off it!! Heehee. Happy Halloween!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. What a fangtastic post and such spooktastic pictures. Nice to meet you Basil and thank you for linking up with our Spookfest Blog Hop.

    The Paw Relations

  4. Your house is... haunted? MOUSES!


  5. "I do believe in spooks. I do, I do, I do." Happy Howloween.

  6. Happy Halloween, stay safe.


  7. Happy Halloween! Sounded like your poltergeist was scary.

  8. Mouses !
    Do you live in a haunted house ?!
    Soooo scary !!
    Happy Halloween to you too :)

  9. Oh your pictures are CATABULOUS!!! HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS!! xoxo

  10. Thanks for visiting Basil. We hope you left your spooky pal at home though! Eeeek!

  11. Hi Basil! Thanks for visiting me! I hope you survived Halloween and had no ghostly intruders!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy. Wow a real poltergeist, phhhtt! I would keep my claws sharp for that thing. I hope you had a catastic Halloween and the ghosty ran off to do pranks somewhere else. purrrr

  13. Hey you all are very brave kitties for sure! Hope your Halloween was awesome and thanks for coming by and saying hi! Great to meet you.

  14. Scary pictures! Those eyes are pretty awesome! Looks like you had some fun on Halloween


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