Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part 3

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown


I don't know about mew, but I think that no Halloween is complete without the obligatory walking dead aka ZOMBIES!!

Now let me tell mew, one kitty I wouldn't want to stumble upon whilst I'm out patrolling on All Hallows Eve is a Zombie Kitty, and I certainly wouldn't want him trying to eat my brains either, no way, no chance, not now, not effur! 

(I like my brains just where they are - thank mew furry much)

This was Amber's reaction from just seeing hearing the wurds 'zombie kitty', imagine what it would be like in real life ~ Oh My ~ EEEEEEK!

Amber Screaming

Anyway, Amber is now in regular counselling, as she is visiting my Clinic aka Dear Dr. Basil on The Saturday Solution (I'll be posting details of her sessions soon) and she is resolving a lot of her issues, so I expect she'll make a full recovery at some point.

So my wonderpurr pals if mew are unfortunate enough to land in the path of one of these, or mew find yourself being chased by a Zombie Horde - my furry best advice is RUN and RUN like you've neffur RUN before, otherwise, mew could be in some furry BIG trouble and furry possibly end up brainless - which I might add, is not a good look fur anyone.

The Zombie Hoard

And that brings us to the end of another post my furriends, but tune in again for more Halloween exploits coming soon...
Bestest SCREAMING Meows



  1. Meow Basil my pal that is wonderfur advice
    Hope to see you at my party on the big day my furend

    1. Mew said Pawty - fur sure I'll be there!!! Muwhahahahahahaa - I've been working on my evil laugh all week fur just such an occasion!!!


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