Monday, 28 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part Deux

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown


Halloween Countdown

As mew may have noticed in my purrevious post, that the new addition to the furrmily was missing!

This is remedied here today, with Smoochie being the latest victim in the Halloween photo enhancement campaign.

Smoochie Halloween 2013

Doesn't he just look so adorably cute in his little pointy hat with all his spider furriends and the red eyed demon?

And it appears he's been taking up Witch Craft too in his spare time, sneaky little beast!  I must speak with the P.A. about this as I don't want being turned into a frog or something even worse - A MOUSE!!!  The absolute horror of it, now that's a dose of Karma I purrsonally want to avoid.  

Imagine that, one minute you're a totally pawesome supurr fan'cat'stic feline with the world (well your back garden) at your paws and the next minute...

*POOF*'re the pesky rodent on effury kitties high priority kill list! 

Like OMG or purrhaps I should say OMC!!!

Purrhaps then, if I don a pointy hat too, he'll think I've already completed my wizardy training and think twice about getting up to any mischief.  Either that or my evil rogue pumpkins and mesmerizing stares will keep him in check.  

Bring it on Smoochums!!! 


halloween 2

Well, that's it for today my furriends, but stay tuned for more Halloween posts coming soon...

Bestest Muwhahahahahahahahaaaaaaa purrs



  1. LOL!! Oh wow!! Smoochie is totally super cute and super awesome!! Awwww! OMC indeed! Take care

    1. OMC fur sure!!! Purriest purrs Basil xox

  2. oh you are DEFINITELY all ready over here!

    1. We are trying!!! I've been purrfecting my evil laugh all week - muwahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! :D MOL

  3. Nope, you don't wanna leave Smoochie out of all the fun!

    1. I wouldn't leave the Smoochums out of the fun, he's my sidekick, we're like peas and carrots, well tuna and cream!! XOX MOL

  4. Oh Mt Cat is right Basil! That would be the worst of the worst.
    Maybe you need a wand too so your deception is complete
    We will purr fur your safety, at least till after All Hallows
    Purr Purr Purr
    Timmy and Family

    1. I have the P.A. making me wand at this furry moment just in case!!! MOL XOX


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