Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Halloween Countdown - Part IV

Welcome to

The Halloween Countdown


Today my pawesome furpals, I thought we'd go totally batty and enjoy a little immortality. I don't know about mew, but I think immortality could be fun but only if I could get some great staff to help me around my Transylvanian kitty castle! 

Gothic and Dark Images

As mew can tell, I'm loving my new look and mew may call me 

Count Viddairs   


Count Widdairs

Not that I'm really into biting anyone in the neck.....  let me just think about that for a moment... well actually I must confess that I do bite the occasional rodent, but not necessarily in the neck, does that count? 

But I digress, so where was I.... oh yes, biting, I suppose that comes with the territory of being a supurr feline, so that's a moot point. Really being a vampire kitty would be no different then apart from the immortality, mesmerising stare (actually already have that) and being supurr fast and strong.  I can see the plus points, where do I sign up?

I'm not sure the rest of the Kitty Clan would assimilate into Vampirism so easily! Amber is a total veggie so biting anything in the neck is completely out the question fur her.  

Smoochie would adapt furry well, even with his three legs he'd still be invincible and being a youngster his transition would be no purroblem.  

As for Snowie, she is getting on a bit, well a lot actually (she's two hundred and elebenty seven, but I didn't say that - sssshhhh)

Humphrey is getting a little long in the tooth - pardon the pun - he's even older than Snowie. 

Posie is too much of a Diva to even go there, effurything with her is such a HUGE drama.

So it looks like it's just me and supurr Smoochums being all fangy and fearless fur FRIGHT NIGHT!

The Prince of Darkness

As mew can see, Smoochums is the most purrfect

Purrince of Darkness

And on that note, me and my supurr batty sidekick will sign off for the day, but fear not we'll all be back fur the main event tomorrow.  Until then... 




  1. Hope you have a great halloween and keep those fangs away

  2. Now you two really do put the Bite into Halloween.
    Fly on over and join our party!


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