Friday, 29 November 2013

Pet Parade #17 BLOG HOP Hosted by Rascal & Rocco

Welcome to the

  Pet Parade Blog Hop!

Pet Parade Blog Hop

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving


all my wonderpurr pals across the pond!

Wishing mew as much turkey as mew can get your paws on 



Thanksgiving Images

I hope mew all have a pawesome day and I too, will be furry thankful for all the blessings in my life

Bestest thankful purrs


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays Blog Hop with Blogpaws

Wordless Wednesdays Blog Hop with Blogpaws



Sunday, 24 November 2013

PET PARADE #16 BLOG HOP Hosted by Rascal and Rocco



Hosted by

Rascal and Rocco

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

MOUSES!!!! I got an award


Well  firstly I must say MOUSES! Followed by wow and thank mew furry much to my pawesome furriend, Sushi from
fur very kindly nominating me fur this award
I am deeply honoured!

To pass it on, here are the rules.
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3. When acceptin’ the award, you need to use the word MOUSES! in a sentence.  For this requirement, you may also choose to use one of the many variations of MOUSES! if you so desire.  You know…  like…  mousin’, moused-up, etc…  [Check]
4. Pass the MOUSES! Award on to two or more bloggers.  You can pass it along to as many as you like but please try for at least two so that the award is spread around the blogosphere and doesn’t fizzle out or anything.  And you’ll wanna pass the award on to bloggers whose work you read regularly and would therefore, sure as mouses recommend.  See what Nissy did there?  Yup, you spotted it.  He used a derivation of MOUSES! in a sentence.  He says, “Lead by example.” [Check]
Now I'm passing it on to...
1.  Timmy Tomcat @ Tomcat Commentary by Timmy
2.  Mr Bumpy @ Mr Bumpy Cat
because they need to say MOUSES!!!!!
Wishing mew all a supurr mousing day

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Blog Paws

Wordless Wednesday 

Blog Hop

Welcome to my Wordless 'W'day  as mew can see from my photo, no words are needed!


Bestest silent purrs


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Smooch Report! Catmint Heaven Starring Smoochie

Welcome to another installment of

The Smooch Report

  Catmint Heaven 



Greetings my furriends, I do hope that mew've all been having lovely adventures and fan'cat'stic catnaps since I was last here.  We had a furry nice weekend, the weather was furry ambient fur the time of year, so we, and I mean the entire Kitty Clan were outside while the P.A. did some serious snipping and pruning.  

As mew can tell I was enjoying the air, and the sky was not heavy at all and miraculously, it didn't try to fall down once [see previous post - if mew are lost - Sky Fall].  So as I  was saying, it was a furry nice day, and Smoochie was all fur enjoying his time outside, as recently he's been under house-arrest since he climbed up the conifer and got out of the garden and then had the nerve to come back 2 hours later with his collar under his armpits. The P.A. was not furry happy about his tree climbing abilities and has since barred all outdoor activities fur him unless he's being watched.  This has displeased him tremendously as mew can well imagine, after finding a way the breach the garden fence and explore the field beyond, the door was firmly shut and all outside access denied indefinitely. 

So poor Smoochie hasn't been out fur a while, this was his first day under the big blue and this is what he did...

As mew can see, he really got stuck in and just look at the state of him - what a total disgrace!!!

This tiny terror has a thing about tearing into greenery, [see a previous Smooch Report - Grass = Blah!]

Just look at that deep inhalation, this stuff is seriously aromatic 

After destroying the catmint on his mill wheel, he went to see if Snowie would share hers!

Snowie said 'NO!'

Poor Smoochie!

There are actually four mill wheels each with its own catmint plant, but he didn't want either of the other two.

So if mew effur need any plants destroying just ask Smoochie!

See mew soon

Bestest purrs


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cat's Bookish Blog: Diva Ladies Thanking the Authors Blog Hop & Fabulous Give-Aways!

Dearest Meowy Furriends

If mew are feeling most benevolent and full of kindness to your staff, peeps, P.A.'s or whateffer mew call them because they are so pawesome to mew, reward them by sending them here to my peeps blog, there's a Give-Away and a list with another 39 Blogs with even more Give-Aways



Diva Ladies Thanking the Authors Blog Hop & Give-Away


The Purrsday Paw ~ Are Mew NUTZ?

Today on

The Purrsday Paw

'Are Mew NUTZ?'

NUTZ Abound!!!

Well I have to say, this squirrel certainly has his mittens full!

[Cheeky little blighter!!!]

And only in England could mew have signs, that warn mew that there are furry dangerous squirrels eating nutz ahead and to proceed with the utmost caution when entering densely wooded areas! 

Who knew that?

Not me until last week, when the P.A. showed me this picture.  I mean it's furry obvious what it means!

The big red triangle for danger and the highly hazardous wee beasty gripping the nut. 

There is no other way to interpret this, other than squirrels are completely nutz!

I wonder if they have gangs, purrhaps they even even have turf or I should say tree wars?


So there mew have it, don't effur enter densely wooded areas if mew see this sign and especially not effur if mew are carrying a bag of walnuts, cashews or similar.

Until next time

Bestest nuttiest purrs


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays Blog Hop with Blogpaws

Wordless Wednesdays Blog Hop with Blogpaws



Happy Hopping

Bestest purrs


Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday Mewsings ~ The BiblioCat ~ My Favourite Cat Books - True Stories

Friday Mewsings

 =^.^= My Favourite Cat Books =^.^=

As mew may know, I'm a bit of a literary cat, and fur those that don't, yes I am a bit of a literary cat.  In my spare time, which sadly there isn't much of due to the furry demanding napping, feeding and napping schedule I maintain, howeffur when there is a little free time I write stories.  Well not me purrsonally, I get my hooman do all the hard work while I inspire her.

While this may not seem like furry hard work, it is in actual fact quite exhausting to come up with the endless plot lines to keep her typing and earning her keep.   At the moment she's in the middle of my next novel, called 'Basil's Balmy Adventure' which is book II in the Bionic Basil Series.

Here's the teaser: 

What do: Pirate ships, secret underwater research facilities, missing cats and a Texan Oil Billionaire have in common? 

Come on now, mew didn't seriously think I was going to spill the beans just yet, did mew? MOL

But anyway I'm digressing, today's post is all about my favourite cat books in no purrticular order:

Today my furriends we're doing

True Stories:

Dewey UK Amazon

   A Street Cat Named Bob UK Amazon   

  The World According Bob UK Amazon 

Casper the Commuting Cat UK Amazon

All of these pawesome books have more 5***** ratings than mew could shake your tail at, and if mew haven't read them, purrlease do, they are all quite remarkable and well worth getting in a comfy chair in front of the fire on a cold rainy afternoon. What better way to while away the time? 

Well that's all for this literary offering, I hope mew enjoy them as much as I did, and if mew've read them, let me know your thoughts!

Bestest Friday purrs



   [All Images courtesy of Amazon UK]


Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Purrsday Paw ~ 'SKY FALL' The sky is falling down!

Today on

The Purrsday Paw


The sky is falling down!

[Not really, but it makes a damn fine headline]

What would we do if the sky did fall down?

I was pondering this and several other mind boggling questions yesterday as I was chillaxing in my nest and letting all those uber calming zen harmonies wash over me like a light summer breeze.

Is the sky heavy?

If so, how heavy?

And would that heaviness be, soft squidgy heavy or rough crushing heavy?

As fur the softness/roughness factor, how would we gauge that? 

Do mew think we'd all end up like pancakes if it did come crashing down?

But then I thought:

If the sky was heavy, that would mean that the air was heavy too,  thus resulting in supurr slow movement. This would mean that we'd all be in permanent slow motion and really, that would be no good at all, as how would we effur catch all those pesky rodents?  

As fur the softness/roughness factor, we kitties with our supurr sensitive faculties can surely judge fur ourselves whether the sky is like the softest silk or like the roughest sandpaper.  

Howeffur this leads to: 

On a warm summers day, the ambient air is like the gentle caress of satin on our fur, yet at the other extreme: on the harshest winters day, the freezing cold feels like ice daggers penetrating our fur. With so many other levels in-between....  

Hmmmm... mew see the purroblem, one question leads to another and another and another.

This sky stuff is furry furry tricky, and neffur the same sky two days in a row either! 

If any of mew are savvy in the Quantum Physiks Department and know all about this physiks and spacey sky stuff, I'd really appurreciate your input right now. 

Can mew answer my questions? As that would be pawsitively pawesome, if not I think I will have to ponder on something else other than the sneaky sky - any suggestions?! 

Wishing mew all a supurr purry Thursday 


Wednesday, 6 November 2013


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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bonfire Night aka Guy Fawkes Night

Bonfire Night 


Guy Fawkes Night

5th November 

Well my pawesome furriends, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since it was Halloween!  It was just five days ago when we were all in Spooksville, and here we are with another celebration, only this time it's not furry pet furriendly or pet-alicious, as I would say.

Mew see, on this night in 1605 - yes I know, that's a furry furry furry long time ago, even older than my P.A. but don't tell her I said that - she's looking remarkably spritely for four hundred and elebenty two!

So anyways back to the story, back in 1605 on a cold dark night, there was a plot, and it was a ginormous plot of such magnitude that it would have blown the whiskers off most kitties at a 5000 paces.   The story goes like this:

A man called Guy Fawkes was arrested trying to blow up the House of Lords [A furry famous building in London]  he was part of the 'Gun Powder' Conspiracy who were trying to assassinate the King - James I.  Apparently they didn't like him or his ruling much, so they decided to blow him to kingdom come with enough explosives to light up the sky for miles.

This conspiracy was howeffur thwarted and Guy Fawkes was captured red handed, with his mittens all over said explosives.  King James I who was furry furry happy not to have been blown into a squillion pieces decided to make November 5th an annual celebration and over time this celebration is what we know today as

'Bonfire Night'

Yes, we have bonfires and fireworks - now this is the not furry pet furriendly part - the fireworks.  While I suppose that most hoomans find them furry purretty and exciting, fur us kitties, other pets, and not furgetting the wildlife - it can be furry distressing - all those loud bangs, booms, screeches & flashing lights - it can be furry disorientating.  That's why my P.A. bans us from going outside during that week, as mew neffur know who might be setting the damn things off.  Plus some peeps have their bonfires on other nights, as it's not just limited to the 5th, so mew can nuffur be sure when a firecracker might go off! EEEEK!

Better safe than sorry, stay inside and be safe.


So this is what I will be doing all week 

I'll be in the nest, chillaxing and really getting my zen space and harmonies happening

Wishing mew all a supurr purry week and stay safe


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