Friday, 13 December 2013

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Well, I blinked and another week has gone. The P.A. has been furry busy again, hence the lack of posting here - tsk tsk Ms. Garnell - I will be reviewing her contract in the Mew Year and making sure she is tied up tighter than a ball of wool after Smoochie has been playing with it, in other words - no posting = BIG Issues - which in turn = penalties! Muwahahaaaahaaaaaha!

On another note, I got into a bit of a fight last night with a neighbours cat, and much to my horror I got bitten on my back leg and on my neck, so will be going to the vet in approximately 2 hours, this I can say does not amuse me at all as I know it will involve los of prodding and poking and then, horror of all horrors an injection.  But my P.A. is forcing me to go, as if I don't I could get sick, like last time with a high temperature and feeling really horrid *big sigh* I know she's right, but who really who effur wants to go the vet willingly??? NOT ME, No way, No how - but sadly the carrier is out and I'm going in it.... *Big sigh*  But as I have little choice in the matter, I will be furry brave and go get my medicine like a good little soldier.

And on another note, Smoochie is going to the vet tomorrow as well, it's time for his annual check-up and injections.  He doesn't know this yet, so that will an unpleasant surprise fur him in the morning :(

But all that vet talk aside [it's enough to make anyone ill] here's few a photos of me chilling in the garden with a few of the Kitty Clan, to add a little happy vibe to today's post. We love our garden, there's so much to do, like climbing trees, hanging out on mill wheels with the catmint, watching all the flying snak paks, getting on the outdoor playstation and just surveying, it's positively pawesome.

hanging in the garden

Snowie hiding in the tree

Playing on the lawn

Smoochie sampling the catmint



  1. Beautiful pics! But so sorry to hear about your leg and the big bad vet visit you have to go through!!!
    No fun at all!!!!
    ((hugz)) from your husky pals!
    #10 in the hop!

  2. Ick, the vet. *shudder* Hope it's over quickly. And hope you gave that other cat something to remember you by! Oh, what a fantastic garden! And I hear you won an award today from Playful Kitty. So, that should brighten up the rest of your day and thank you again, for sharing with the Pet Parade! Healing prayers a sending..

  3. Very beautiful pics indeed...So sorry to hear about your leg! Hope your better soon! OMC, the vet?!?!!!? Well I hope its not to bad!
    We're #13 in the hop, come on by!
    Purrs and loving prayers your better soon,
    Mikko & I

  4. Sorry you had to go to the v.e.t.! Yuk! Those are bootiful pictures of you outside.

  5. Hey, Basil...make love not war! ;) Nah, seriously, we're sorry you got hurt in the fight and now you gotta go to the vet. But that's better than getting sick, right? We hope all goes okay. :)

  6. Yuck. We do not like going to the v-e-t either. We sure do hope everything goes well, and that you are all better soon, Basil.

    We love the pictures this week ... they are lovely!

  7. Stop over at my blog - there is a surprise awaiting you there.


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