Thursday, 2 January 2014

Goodbye and Good Riddance 2013 - Hello Wonderful New 2014! Let go and move into a brighter future...

Speshul 2014 Greetings to all my pawesone furpals

I do hope that mew've all had a wunderpurr Catmass and a supurr meowy Mew Year.

Welcome to my first official post of 2014

Well I've had my time off, not my idea I might add.  The P.A. imposed an interwebs ban over the holiday season.  'Furry furry selfish!' I said stomping my paws, to which she calmly replied, 'Basil my sweet, it's been a real tough year and I need to relax for a few days, and besides the internet isn't going anywhere!'  I pondered on this fur a few minutes and conceded, that 2013 was purretty horrendous and yes, the interwebs will still be there and I've got all the time in the world to catch up with my furriends.  Plus the fact that she & Dad were long overdue fur some down time.

I'll explain why 2013 was furry horrible....

Time fur reflection... 

2013 started off ok, but then there was a phone call on Valentines Day and everything changed in less time than it takes to scoff down a pile of Dreamies.  The P.A.'s parents were in a terrible car crash, and a long time family friend was unfortunately killed instantly in the back of their car. She is missed terribly as mew can imagine.  

Their car was parked, broken down on the hard-shoulder of the motorway waiting fur assistance, when a Sprinter Van careened  like a bullet from the inside lane, across 3 clear lanes and smashed into their stationary vehicle, leaving it like a tank had crushed it, the back end of the very large saloon car right up to the back of the drivers seat was completely missing.

So mew can imagine when that phone call came in... it was the 'phone call no-one ever wants to get.'  Fur the next few months, life was total turmoil. The P.A. and Dad drove 120 mile round tip nearly effuryday to the hospital while 'Nanny' recovered.  She broke her neck, damaged her spinal cord, broke ribs, punctured a lung, had a severed brain injury and multiple spinal fractures, Nanny was put into a coma as her injuries were so severe and the Doctors said that she probably wouldn't make it - she proved them wrong - she's a real tough old bird.  

The P.A. also had to learn to lip read as Nanny couldn't speak when she finally woke up after over two weeks in the coma, because she'd had a tracheostomy. Due to her injuries she'd had a Halo fitted - the P.A. said it looked like something used in a Medieval Torture Chamber.  I can't impart too many details, as mew can imagine, there's a court trial in the near future.  But the good mews is, that Nanny survived, howeffur the bad mews is, her injuries have impacted her severely, and life as she knew it pre 1.20pm 14th Feb 2013 will neffur be the same, plus the tragic loss of her childhood friend has taken a toll.   

After nearly 3 months Nanny was moved to another hospital still over a 100 mile round trip, here she was in an intensive rehab unit, where she had to learn to walk again, plus learn all those things that peeps take fur granted like trying to climb up the stairs (still not properly - she struggles up each step on her derriere), make a cup of tea, teeth cleaning, hair brushing, so many little things that mew don't effur think about.  

So after endless months of to-ing & fro-ing to and from the hospitals, Nanny was finally returned home mid summer and the next part of the journey began.  Over the ensuing the months since her release, she has improved howeffur, there are many more bad days than good, this is the nature of her injuries.  Thank goodness fur all the wunderful Doctors and Nurses that looked after her, without them... who knows. 

It must seem like a real downer to start the new blogging year with a post like this, but the P.A. said that the best way to move on, is too accept it and let go, so that's the purrpose of this post - letting go and moving on. Leaving all the garbage behind and starting the Mew Year supurr fresh, bright and breezy.

I know that effuryone has had their fair share of trials, bad mews and stormy seas over the last 12 months, some much much much worse than this, others not so bad, but whateffur happened - happened. Like the P.A. says 'Mew can't change the past, but mew can make the future a better place to be.'

So this Mew Year, plan to make the future a better place to be and always be grateful fur the littlest, smallest, smidgen & tiniest of things.

Let go and move into a brighter future

Bestest Mew Year Joy & Happiness to mew all and here's wishing that 2014 is the sweetest year effur fur effuryone!

Purriest purrs


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  1. Oh dear Pal - that was a bad year for your peeps. Poor nanny. What a horrible accident. We're happy to know she will be okay, not ever the same again, but at least alive. Hope 2014 is a healthy and happy year for you pal.

  2. Oh my goodness, that qualifies for a most difficult and challenging year for sure. Purrs and prayers to your Nanny and to your P.A. We truly wish a 2014 that is good to you all and brings you health, love, peace, joy, prosperity and possibility! Happy New Year Basil!

    Clooney & Neytiri

  3. I am so sorry that 2013 was such a terrible year for you and your family and hope 2014 brings hope and happiness to you. Purrs and prayers to your Nanny.

  4. Oh Basil that is so very much to have to overcome. Our Dad explained about how serious this was as he is a hooman nurse. We purr our support and really think she has done very well so far.
    May 2014 be much much better
    Timmy and Family

  5. Wow, Basil, what a terrible accident. Our mommy has had some bad injuries and operations for a variety of reasons, but nothing that bad has ever happened, except almost dying after one surgery. We are going to keep all of you in our purrs and prayers that you have a meowvolous 2014. Y'all deserve it.


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