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Meet Henry - A Literary Kitty with his Purrsonal Assistant [P.A.] Cathy Conheim



Meet Henry

A very speshul 3 kegged kitty whose P.A. ~ Cathy Conheim writes about under his very close supervision!


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 Author Interview:

[Cathy & Henry with the ASPCA Cat of the year Award]

Welcome Cathy

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I have been a psychotherapsist for almost 40 years.  The thing that interests me most in the world is being a change agent and doing healing.  As I get older, I want to pass on the knowledge I have and therefore have started two national projects, and  I am energetic, I make things happen, I am a good match maker and I am tenacious.

When did you decide that being an author was ‘thing’ for you? 
No, I do not consider myself an author at all, I consider myself a change agent, a catalyst, no matter what hat I wear.  I have been a Pysychotherapist for almost 40 years as well as a management trainer, consultant and radio show host. I seem more to be a channel , for Henry the three legged cat that landed in my DOG ONLY life eight years ago.  There are now four books, three workbooks. It is really a national and international healing and education project “wrapped in fur”  ALL profits go to animals or kids in need or returning vets families.  Any group in the world helping animals can buy the books at our printing cost and keep all the money they make local.  To date we have over 55,000 books and workbooks out in the world and we don’t exist in one bookstore. It all sort of amazes me. The techings and healings are for humans, the money is for animals. They all use photography taken by me of the real animals.

Can you tell us a little about your latest novel/release?

The latest book is Henry and Tink: A remarkable Romance, It is the love story  of a three-legged cat and his girlfriend , a two legged dachshund.   Its underlying message through these innocent souls is that different can mean special, not something bad.

If you had to do it all again, would you change anything in your latest book?
No, not really.

What was the very first book idea you had, did you write it and did it get published?
the first book I did was in the early eighties, a book on the Enneagram called So Who’s a 10 in a world of one to nine. We were about 35 years ahead of our time. WE published 5,000 and sold them and never reprinted them. I did a book, San Diego in Color with a partner and we had over 100,000 of them out in the world. Both of those are out of print as is A Waste is a Terrible thing to mind: a wake up call  ( see  I am inpatinet which is why I self publish and get things out in the worlsd  I am not good at waiting.

How long does it take you to typically write a novel? 
I don’t write novels. Writing for Henry is an automatic process and comes quite easily and quickly. NO time to think if you are answering for a cat/

What’s the most challenging aspect of writing for you, if any?
Time and wear and tear on my hands.  I have had to have my dominant hand have three reconstructive hand surgeries. I had no idea that I would destroy bones in my hand by all the typing.

What’s your least favourite thing about the writing process?
the nuts and bolts of putting a written word with photos to make a smashing book

What’s your most favourite thing about writing? 
getting materials out in the world where they can do healing. Since I don’t make a dime, it is a total non profit endeavor I take pleasure in the healing and being able to give money to animal groups.

Do you have a playlist that you write to?
No I don’t even know what one is

If asked to review a novel, and you didn’t like it at all, would you?
  1. Do a warts and all review and hold back nothing – a total slaughter
  2. Say as little as possible, only voicing a few criticisms with a dash of positivity
  3. Talk to the author first and express your opinions/findings in a helpful manner
  4. Keep it as vague as possible and think discretion is the better part of valour, as you hate to be unkind 

Only if they wanted honesty. I probably would not do it because I don’t like that kind of writing.
Do you have any input into the cover design of your novels?
I have total control over everything in the book, on the book, who prints the book and I get the privilege of paying for the book  :)

Do you have any advice for newbie authors just starting out?  
Everyone’s life deserves a story, tell yours. Don’t sit around and wait for a publisher, few but block busters get any work from companies. In this digital age you can just do it your self and get it out in the world

Who is your favourite author of all time and if you could meet him/her, what would you say?
Anoine de Saint -Exupery   Thank you for giving the world The Little Prince

What was the best book you have read in the last few months and why did you love it?
had no time to read in the last six months except news, am a bit of a political junkie. Mostly, I am writing letters for Henry.

If HG Wells turned up in his Time Machine in your living room, would you get on-board and where would you go first?
I would stay where I am, I love it and am quite content to be here.

 Out of the following places to get inspiration, which one would you choose & why:
  1. Deserted Island
  2. Sprawling Megatroplis
  3. Magical Forest
  4. Outer Space
The ocean that I live now is always an inspiration. Anyone who has ever been in the healing place I have built has said, if I ever lived here I would never travel. that is why I no longer travel, besides the fact that I am pushing 70 and am also the caretaker of my partner.

Are you a pre-planning plotter or a go with flow writer?
Neither, I sit down and decide to make something happen and then it just flows

Are you working on anything new right now, if so, can you share the details with us?
WE are working on furthering the first app we have done for apple,  Ouch Emotional Bandage
We want to teach that emotional wounds matter so we developed the first emotional bandage.

Has anyone influenced your writing style and chosen genre?

Out of all the myriad of genres that have appeared in recent years, which ones best describes your work?
beats me, I don’t know that there is anything I have run into like what we are doing.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Make the world a place where people get along and help each other and take care of each other and learn the wisdom of animals.
(Would you have a superhero suit too?) No supersuit

How do you come up with titles for your novels, do you get the idea for the story first or does that come after you have the title?  
Just comes 

If you could have lived in any era throughout time, when and where would it have been? 
In terms of music alone, the baroque period

Which method of writing do you prefer for your first draft?
My first and last draft are on the computer
  1. Handwrite the first draft
  2. Laptop
  3. Desktop
  4. The walls in your office! LOL

If writing isn’t your main profession, what is? 
psychotherpist, management consultant, producer of two national projects and

Who would be your dream Movie or TV series cast for your novel? 
The animals we have

How do you make time to write? 
I just sit down and do it..

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? 
I guess good health, the day I don’t have enough of it I will die

Are there any marketing tips for promoting your novel that you’d like to share? 
Reach out, follow energy and make things happen

Which five words would you use to describe yourself? 
catalyst, change agent, compassionate, healer, interesting

Are there any little secrets that you’d like to share? 
Be true to who and what you are, whatever that is.

If you could choose any author to mentor you, who would it be and why? 
I can’t think of one since I don’t identify myself as a writer I am a dog and cat scribe
Visit Henry Here: 

Winner: What's the Matter with Henry?
ASPCA Humane Issues Award 2006
Best Gift Book 2006 Cat Writers Association
Many thanks to Cathy and Henry for sharing their books with us today and I hope there are many more books to come in the future!
 See you tomorrow with another of Lady Amber's Blog Tours, in the meantime enjoy all that is:
Henry's World

Bestest purrs



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