Monday, 24 March 2014

The Monday Meow ~ Bloopers of Yester-Year ~ Part Deux ~ Karma Bit Me on The Bum!

Welcome to

The Monday Meow

Bloopers ~ Part Deux

Happy Monday my Furriends

Here we are again at the start of a new week, the furst official week of Spring too!  I do hope mew all had a fabulously amazing weekend.  Mine was furry interesting but we'll get to that another day.  Today I'm back to share some more out-takes/photo bloopers of The Kitty Clan.  But the really hilarious thing is, this week KARMA has come to bite me on the bum! 

Remember in Bloopers Part 1  poor Amber, and how we all found it so amazingly falling-over hysterically funny?

Oh yes, it took me quite a while to get over that...  

Guess what? The P.A. went delving into long forgotten dusty old folders and found THESE

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what she was uploading - the utter shock -  the absolute horrid horror - the total disbelief!

I moved in real close just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me

Oops it happened again

A Total Turtle Basil Style

It all started off relatively ok

Seconds later, it turned into this!

The utter shame of it!

Then to add insult to whateffur, the entire Kitty Clan got to see, I bet mew can't guess what happened next?

Amber couldn't believe it

She ran into the kitchen screaming

'Revenge is mine!'

Humphrey nearly pooped his pants and ran into the garden hiding when he saw her

only peeking out fur the briefest second as Amber continued to rant and rave of revenge

Posie launched herself into the roof of the Well to escape all the crazy madness

Then she blew a really loud raspberry!!!! [Because she just doesn't care]

Snowie dived undercover, peeking out from under some papers

She only broke through the papers after the insanity ebbed away, the terror still clearly masking her face

Smoochie ran outside too, back to 'his' spot

He totally refused to look or pass comment!

As mew can see after all that I still had the last laugh as I nearly rolled off the sofa ~ Amber is still more funny and scary than me!!

 MOL on my sofa

Thanks fur joining us today fur our second Bloopers Post, I do hope mew've enjoyed it and I'll be digging through the archives some more to find some more gems fur mew to see real soon.
Happy Monday
Bestest purrs
Basil and The Kitty Clan!


  1. Awwww you are all too cute!! Take care

  2. dood.....we gotta add mit ya due look good in yur suit...hope everee one haza marvelous mackerull monday !!

  3. hahahahahahaha!!!!! BOL!!!!!!!!! that was pawsome!!!! I loved this post!!!
    Especially Amber screaming and laughing hahah!!!! Too funny!!! I laughed out loud at that one!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Bwahaha! That was tooooo funny.

  5. OMC! We're laughing our furs off!

  6. uh oh...we have a feeling some OTHER (Amber) kitty will be bloopered next week...

  7. MOL! That photo of Amber screaming is hilarious! Basil, we don't want to poke fun, but the picture of you falling over was pretty funny too... no need to be embarassed! We all have photos of us like that too :)

  8. Meow that is one rare photo of Amber letting loose! You seem to be able to pass it right back my furend MOL
    Great post

  9. Hi, stop by to pick up a Sunshine Award! Terra Toby

  10. We just love those funny pox! Thanks for stopping by, we will have to visit often!

  11. Oh Amber! What a face! LOL! Thanks for the laugh! Those are some great pics and the story to go along with it, great fun! ~Rascal and Rocco

  12. Fantastic! LOVE your bloopers!


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