Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thinking About Thursday with Posie

Welcome to

Thinking About Thursday

Posie here furriends, today I thought we should have a little think about all fab things mew can do in the summer time... really it's just like one long supurr zen therapy/spa session...

Lie in the long grass [connecting with nature, and do a bit of earthing]

Sneak up on the pesky mice in the field [connecting with nature + exercise & purrhaps a snack if mew're lucky, a great source of natural protein]

Roll on the warm patio tiles [hot stone massage fur cats, blissful]

Sit in the rock garden and ignore effuryone [zen meditation zone, this is furry relaxing]

Chill out on the sofa arm if it's too hot outside [indoor retreat when outdoors becomes too much]

Hide out under the shrubbery [commune with the plants, if it's good enough fur his HRH Prince Charles, then it's good enough fur me]

 Take extra catnaps [sleep therapy, most impurrtant fur optimum well being] 

There's enough sun puddles fur effuryone [raising vitamin d levels, another vital health factor]


These are a few things I like to do on my purrmanent spa break,  so tell me what do mew like to do in the summer time?

Love mew all


Posie xox

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wordy on Wednesday ~ The Pink Flamingo Saga Continues... Part VIII

Welcome to another Installment of 

Wordy on Wednesday 

[formerly known as Wordless on Wednesdays but we've got too much to say! MOL]

 The Pink Flamingo Saga continues... in Part VIII


Well, like Oh My Cod last weeks episode was the most bonkers thing effur to happen on the blog thus far, and then there was the revealing of my previous employment in the supurr secret Field Investigation Burrow or F.I.B. which as mew know is strictly classified, and then let's not furget Furrz, an old acquaintance lets say and not a furry furriendly one at that... overtly homicidal would be more appropriate!

Anyhoo, enough of my ramblings I bet mew're chomping at the bit to find out what happens next, so lets dive right into episode 8

For a quick recap on the all happenings thus far, click here: 

   Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV  ~ Part V ~ Part VI Part VII


Snowie screamed again as the sky bubbled and boiled above, lightning cracked and the thunder boomed.

I jumped back, as the vicious tongue thrashed around and made another attempt to grab me.

The Pink Menace was still on the ground, quivering and sobbing, and generally being a gibbering wreck and that's when it happened.


 "And ACTION!"

The Pesky Pink Varmint, who was still gibbering in a pile of guano, neffur saw it coming.

Furrz the Ferocious was real, real angry as his tongue connected with the Pink varmints neck. The lethal pincers grasped tight in a deadly choke hold.

[I don't know fur sure, but I would say the pile of poop grew considerably larger at this point]

The Pink Menace was too terrified to even scream as Furrz reached out to grab him tightly in his deadly spindly clawed mitt.

"So Viddairs, vhat vill you do now I have your new buddy?" Furrz goaded maliciously his accent almost too much now. "Shall I do the same thing as I did to your last buddy, Agent MacSquirrel?"

I could feel the rage suddenly fizzing through my veins as I remembered what he did to my last partner, P.K. MacSquirrel.  He stuck those long pointy tubular claws right in him and sucked him dry, right there in front of me and I couldn't do a thing to stop it.   I had neffur felt so powerless in all my life.

I took a long deep breath, not wishing a hideous end like that on anyone, not even the Pesky Pink Menace.

"Furrz, let him go," I said determinedly, stepping forward confidently. "This is between me and mew."

"I'm hungry, and this morsel vill be a nice little appetizer!" Furrz sneered unpleasantly. "Before I get to the main course of Agent Viddairs."

"Mew really want to know what happened to your brother Mattee Ballz?" I said, my tone was ice cold. Now I had this crazy unhinged aliens attention I continued. "Mattee is very much alive and well, in fact he's our local postman and has been effur since mew left him when mew retreated like a big girls blouse, mew flea-bitten coward."

"Lies!" screamed Furrz. "You are full of lies, I saw you keel him!"

"Keel him, there are no boats here, we're fifty miles inland... oh kill him! No, mew didn't see that at all. Mew saw a huge explosion as the trans-dimensional vortex closed, he was stranded here," I said furry matter of factly. "In fact he always thought mew were a two bit raving loony dictator and was more than happy to finally be away from your total tyrannical insanity of trying to take over the universe, like all the time."

"More lies, every time you open your catty mouth lies come tumbling out!" he yelled venomously as his grip clenched tighter around the Pink Flamingo.

"Look Furzz, face it, no-one likes mew, not even your own furmilly of supurr hairy ballz," I said evenly. "Your brother has neffur been happier since he inadvertently got reassigned here."

"LIES!" Furrz screeched insanely his eyes bulging as his evil spindly mitt began to squeeze the breath out of the Pink Varmint.  He lifted his free mitt to plunge the tubey talons into the soft squidgy pinkness and suck it dry, brains and all.  

The Pink Flamingo finally found his voice and wailed as the supurr sharp pointy instruments of death punctured his body.

I was transfixed momentarily, and was just about to spring on that life-sucker, all claws blazing and go atomically ballistic, when suddenly there was a movement that caught my eye, but before I could do anything else this happened.

Furrz the Ferocious dropped the Pesky Pink Menace faster than mew could say, 

'Blaaaahhhh mew taste flipping awful!' 

"Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he shrieked. "What vile disgusting trickery is this?"

I looked at him, my expression rather perplexed as I had no idea what the flip he was on about. I gave a half shrug but before I could answer furry strange things started to happen to him.

[Mew can watch the video now!]

Furrz screamed and howled, writhing as his face swelled and puffed up in a rather disconcerting manner, his tongue swelling and doing all sorts of really unpleasant things.

I backed away, thinking the evil one was going to burst and that's when I saw Smoochie.

Smoochie had silently somersaulted onto the lawn and rolled over with expert agility, with two pom pom grenades, one in each paw and their fuses lit.  He tossed them one after the other straight at Furrz who was too preoccupied with the intense allergic reaction from hell to notice.

"Chew on those mew mutant muther sucker!" he hollered as cool as cucumber.

The grenades headed straight fur Furrz.

"Effuryone duck and cover!" I yelled above all the noise that was still raging around us.

Furrz's last words were. "Vhy the heck did that pink thing taste so baaaaaad?"

And then I realized, the Pesky Pink Varmint was deadly toxic even to mutant brain sucking alien furrballz. His artificial colours and additives had saved him from being slurped to death.



[This needs no further explanation, apart from there were bits of Furrz flotsam and jetsam blasted around the garden - the P.A. will not be impressed]

 The explosion was supurr intense and fur the second time that day we were all scattered around the garden.

I lay winded on my back [again]. But I managed to call out, "Effuryone ok?"

Smoochie answered first. "Sure thing Viddairs!"

"Me too," Snowie called from behind the mill wheels. "Amber is still unconscious though!"

 "I'm ok too," the Pesky Pink Varmint replied almost gratefully crawling away from the burning singed patch of lawn, that had been Furrz only moments ago.

But before I could answer anyone, the sky started to look rather deadly, the angry red billowing clouds filled with white hot flashes of lightning and were getting more erratic by the moment.  The trans-dimensional vortex was becoming unstable and I shouted as much.

"The trans-dimensional vortex is becoming unstable!" I yelled.

"Oh my cat!" screamed Snowie. "Basil, Basil, do something!"

[At this point I am wondering again, why is it always me that has to fix effurything!?!]

I know it's a long shot but the only thing I can do is power up my lasers and let rip.

"Lasers engaged and arming," I said tensely as I powered up. "Step back Smooch, mew don't want to get in the way of these bad boys!"

My laser beams shot straight up through the boiling, bubbling clouds and bulls-eyed that volatile vortex.  There was an almighty cracking eruption like the sky was going to fall down, as the lightning and my lasers converged followed by another ginormous


Abruptly the thunder stopped booming, the lightning stopping fizzing and zapping and the only noise was the rushing of air as the vortex began to close as high speed, sucking itself closed.

A few minutes later and the trans-dimensional vortex vanished with a high pitched squeaky popping sound and the sky slowly returned to normal.

Regular sky appeared. White fluffy clouds coasted through the beautiful big blue as we whooped in triumph.

"Really top job Smooch, those pom pom grenades were tremendous, where'd mew get them?" I asked.

He smirked and then confessed, "I found your secret ammo bunker Basil."

"Thank goodness mew did, but don't go playing with anything else, we don't want any accidents ok?" I said concerned fur his safety.  "We love mew just the way mew are!"  I patted him gently on the head.

"Sure thing!" Smoochie beamed happily.

"Thank goodness that's all over," Snowie sighed with relief as Amber started to stir.

"Is it?" I replied soberly looking straight at the Pesky Pink Menace.



Well, like mew I'm so relieved that we have no more homicidal giant furry ballz in the garden.  The bad news is, the clean up and the worse news is, the P.A. will be home from work soon.  And I'm sure mew have even more questions than last week, like:

How will we explain a huge patch of scorched earth on the lawn? [Tricky one, purrhaps we blame Humphrey and say he pee'd on it, and the grass died - true story! MOL]

Is Furrz really, truly, 100% gone and do we have definitive proof of his extermination? [Yes, according to the various bits around the garden,  and unless someone is really clever at jigsaw puzzles, he's not coming back]

Will another trans-dimensional vortex open in the future? [I hope not, but mew neffur can be sure]

Who was P.K MacSquirrel? [My partner in the F.I.B. I called him Nutty, furry sadly he died saving the world, but he is remembered often and with much fondness] 

What are Pom Pom Grenades? [Furry, furry dangerous - DO NOT PLAY with them at all, like effur]

Do mew really have a secret arms and ammo bunker? [Yes, I do]

Can we see it? [No, mew can't]

Does Mattee Ballz really work fur the Postal Service? [Yes he does]

What are mew going to do with the Pesky Pink Menace? [That's next weeks episode]


Well my supurr furry furriends, that's all fur today's post, drop in tomorrow as I'm sure there will be something to tickle your fancy happening right here.  

In the meantime stay cool, calm and collected even in the face of great adversity and then have some nip!

Bestest Wednesday purrs

Basil & Co xox

Monday, 28 July 2014

Welcome to The Monday Meow ~ Basil's Guided Garden Tour at Chateau Basille

Welcome to another Installment of  

The Monday Meow 

Many Greetings furriends

Here we are again at the start of another fabulous week, today we're mixing it up and giving mew a purrsonal and intimate guided tour of our flower garden. 

I will be your host as we cruise sedately around the garden at 'Chateau Basille'  followed by afternoon tea and refreshments, should mew require any.  

Welcome to the

Flower Power Tour


Welcome furriends, are we ready to start the tour? 

Excellent, now if mew'd like to follow me and we'll begin...  and if anyone wants to stop fur a breather or a quick snooze on the lawn, just shout out...

Here we have a delightful blue agapanthus specimen, flanked either side with a pink dahlia and orange and yellow ganzia daisies.

Purrlease feel free to take pictures as we tour....


As we continue, mew'll see rather a lot of chives, these little oniony plants grow like the blazes, howeffur the P.A. says that's ok, as they taste furry nice.... I wouldn't know as I'm not a veggie type of cat.


Moving on, we're headed to where the beautiful blue cornflowers are growing, these are lovely little flowers, howeffur they are not built to withstand lot's of boisterous activity and being trampled on... so the P.A. has roped them off fur their own safety!


We'll go into the giant daisy forest now... effuryone keep up, I don't want mew getting lost in these tall densely packed flowers...

Is effuryone still with me? Pawesome...

  Ahhhh, now we've emerged back into more normal sized vegetation, look what we've found!  A dandelion head in prime condition... if anyone wants to make a wish, purrlease do so now, all wishes are included in the tour, there are no hidden no extras, so go ahead and wish away...                             

Now  mew can see we've come to the white delphiniums, these majestic flowers are striking to say the least, there are 3 types in the garden, the white, pale blue and deep blue.... up close the petals are extraordinary, don't mew think so?


Moving on, we find ourselves at the echinacea patch, this is a furry interesting medicinal plant.  Apparently in tincture form it helps keep our hooman staffs immune system fit and healthy, so I heartily recommend using it to keep ones staff full of vitality and vigour, especially in the winter months, when those pesky things called germs comes out and try to make effuryone cough and sniffle.


Shhhhhhh.... get close and mew can see a furry cute bee having a wild old time...


Here we are at the foxgloves, these are one of the P.A.s favourites... and the bumble bees too.  Not that they compete fur the nectar, I must add! MOL

The P.A. does keep bees, she has two hives. So we get all our own honey, plus beeswax fur candle making [more on that another time though] 


And here we are at the lavender patch, this is always bustling with activity, if mew peer a little closer mew'll see all kinds of insects. But as they're hard at work, we won't interrupt them fur too long....


Just nudge it with your nose and inhale that heady wundpurr fragrance.... it's delish right?  Another interesting fact, lavender oil is furry soothing, so if any of mew have uptight or anxious staff, this is a really good one to use on them... just rub a little on their wrists/pulse points... and tell them to inhale deeply, it works wunders!


Now we're heading towards the lupins... these are lovely flowers, except fur the aphids... but the good news is, this year we watched the tiny hedge sparrows zoom in, and pick those meaty little pests right off the plant. This made us furry happy, as we do like to keep a completely chemical free zone. Plus the little birdies got a fabulous source of protein.


There are many lupin plants in all colours dotted effurywhere around the garden.


Heading onto the path, we have a nice selection of pinks... these are furry purretty little flowers, but a lot of dead heading is required, otherwise mew only get one good show a season.


Here we are in the courtyard, this is the P.A.s favourite rose, it's called Gertrude Jekyll, a furry old fashioned rose with lovely deep pink tones and a delightful fragrance.  Don't get too close though, the thorns are vicious!


As we round back onto the lawn we can see some more pinks, and a few yellow snapdragons, which I find so funny as they never snap at me and they don't breathe fire either! 


As we head towards the buddleia, or butterfly bush, mew'll smell the heady sweet heady scent and we can see quite a few varieties of butterflies...  we have even sighted a really unusual bright yellow one before, so that was furry exciting...  This one though is called a Peacock butterfly,


this one is a Painted Lady


and this one is a Brimstone [no fire included]

 And finally we finish our tour at the highly fragrant honeysuckle bush, feel free to take a deep breath and enjoy the exquisite aroma....

Well, we've come to the end of the tour, I do hope mew've enjoyed yourselves and if mew'd like any refreshments such as tea and cake or some salmon sandwiches, purrlease make yourselves at home on the patio, and Amber and Snowie will be your servers.

Image courtesy of [Apolonia] /

Image courtesy of [duron123] /

Image courtesy of [tiramisustudio] /


If mew have any questions, feel free to ask away and I'll do my furry bestest to answer.

We've really enjoyed your company today, mew've been the best tour group effur! 

We'll be back on Wednesday, with another riveting episode of The Pink Flamingo Saga, so don't miss out on that, in the meantime though...

Enjoy the rest of your stay

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

Friday, 25 July 2014

Pet Parade #50 BLOG HOP Hosted by Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Jan's Funny Farm & Love is Being Owned By A Husky & Barking from the Bayou

Rascal & Rocco's

**Public Announcement!**

Can you believe it's our 50th Anniversary? 

We were going to do something special for today, but some smart ass cat* informed us the 52nd Pet Parade would be our 1 year anniversary. With that extraordinary event coming up in just two weeks, we'll have a super special celebration then. 

More details next week. Don't miss it! 




 Friday greetings my wundrous pals 

MOL mew see that little star * up above, next to the word cat... mew do? Excellent, I was that smart ass cat - whoops - sorry mew guys!!! MOL

So fur being the culprit who delayed the initial celebrations fur two weeks, I thought I'd make up fur it by sharing some celebratory fireworks [silent of course] on our collage today and say that, mew really don't want to miss out on the 1st Anniversary Shindig as there's a whole heap of pawesomeness happening and it's well worth waiting the extra two weeks!!! 

Anyhoo, in other mews this week, it's been purretty wild here on the blog.  Monday Humphrey went into hiding, due to the fact that his secret name was finally revealed to the world, he still hasn't come out. Well only fur food and the litter box, big mardy baby is an understatement. Mew can read all about it here, on The Monday Meow.

Then we got to Wednesday, and like OMC, it's getting really outrageous.  To the point where Sculley and Mulder [XFiles Peeps] are about to appear [only kidding] but mew neffur know fur sure what's gong to happen next.  So if mew'd like to read all about our alien invader, aka Furrz the Ferocious and his uber vendetta in episode 7 of The Pink Flamingo Saga, click here.

Finally, Amber decided that the world needed something purretty yesterday, so to see all the purrettiness in Thinking About Thursday, click here.

Well that's us done fur the week, we do hope mew've enjoyed your visit and don't furget to pop by on Monday when we'll back with something fur mew... at this point we can't reveal what the post is as it's still a work in progress, but rest assured it's something new, bright and breezy!

Happy weekend

Headbutts, purrs & kitty kisses

Basil & Co xox


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thinking About Thursday with Amber

Welcome to

Thinking About Thursday

Thinking about purretty things today

While the rest of the world goes bonkers... today my wunderpurr furriends we'll relax, chill and think about all that is purretty...

BTW if mew like, answer our new poll:

Have we made mew smile today?  

Just up there, above Basil's photo on the left-hand side... it's our mission to make the world a brighter, more smiley place and we need to know if we're doing our job propurrley, and mew can help by telling us if we're succeeding [or not] in our M.O.

Thanks effur so much

Love mew all


Amber xox

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wordy on Wednesday ~ The Pink Flamingo Saga Continues... Part VII

Welcome to another Installment of  

Wordy on Wednesday 
[formerly known as Wordless on Wednesdays but we've got too much to say! MOL]

 The Pink Flamingo Saga continues... in Part VII

It all went rather pear-shaped to say the least, at the end of last weeks episode.  Amber let the laser streams cross and all hell broke loose ~ nuff said, as I know many of mew are eager to find what the flip is going off, so hold real tight my furriends it's gonna be a mega wild ride. 

On with show!

For a quick recap on the all happenings thus far, click here: 

 Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV  ~ Part V ~ Part VI



The sky rumbled and the air crackled and fizzed with such force we were all thrown effurywhere and pinned to the ground by the initial fallout.

The lights in the sky were so flash-tastic and neon bright that I couldn't look, but then I heard it, and I didn't need to see it, as my heart sank into a pit so deep it was fathomless.  
 "Oh my Goddess Bast, have mercy on us!" I said under my breath.


 "And ACTION!"

The sky began to darken leaving only a single patch of blue left, the clouds turned an ominous red, billowing in huge rolling waves above us as the thunder boomed at almost deafening proportions.

Amber lay stock still on the lawn, her eyes now closed, but at least she was still with us.

Smoochie hurried towards me.  "Basil, Basil, the sky's falling down!" he yelled in terror. 

I was flat on my back, slightly winded too from the sheer force of being hurled across the garden.

"Basil! Basil! Are you ok? he asked worriedly as he reached me. 

"Don't Panic!" was all I managed to say before this happened.


"Oh my cat!" screamed Snowie. "Basil, Basil, do something!"

[At this point I am wondering, why is it always me that has to fix effurything!?!]

"Oh heck! It's a trans-dimensional vortex!" I shouted back, trying to be heard above the rushing wind and booming thunder. "Snowie, Smoochie get Amber to safety.... quick get behind the granite mill-wheels... hurry!"

Smoochie cried out in alarm just as the most fiercest lightning I've effur seen erupted from the centre of the newly opened vortex, zapping through the boiling and bubbling sky in deadly zigzags of white hot light. 



And then I remembered it all, long ago when I was a covert operative at the supurr secret Field Intelligence Burrow [or F.I.B. fur short], this purrticular case had been dealt with, sealed, classified and put away many, many moons ago in secret bunker known only as Area 20.5  and I so hoped that I'd neffur have to deal with it again. How wrong I was...

A cold sweat eked all over my skin, making my fur clammy and me feel the despurrate need fur a bath!


I rounded on the Pink Flamingo, he looked like he was about to **POOF** off, so I grabbed him and leaned in real close. 

"Look pal, this is your fault, if mew hadn't teleported your feathery, vile tasting pink body into my house and harassed my furmilly, this would neffur of happened," I snapped, rather irately. "So don't think mew're going to be teleporting off and leaving me to fix your flipping trans-dimensional vortexing mess, capisce?"

He looked intensely afraid, his black beady eyes bugged rather unpleasantly as his gaze focused on something behind me.  I could feel him trembling beneath the firm grip of my paws.  I took a long, slow deep breath.

"It's here, isn't it?" I asked, though not really needing too, as the Pink Menace confirmed this by pooping his pants.

"So ve meet again Viddairs!" the highly accented voice said loudly.

 "It's Widdairs with a Wouble U, you flipping moron!" I said brusquely, not turning around.

 I let go of the pooping pink menace rather rapidly, watching as he appeared to fall backwards in slow-motion and landed with a soft squelching sound.

"Classy move!" I murmured.

"Oh you didn't just let me fall in my own poop!" he said in genuine horror, temporarily forgetting our alien visitor as he sat in a steaming pile of guano. "Oh man, that has to be the nastiest sensation I've ever experienced!"

"Mew're worried about how it feels to be sitting in a pile of turds when we're being invaded by brain sucking aliens, jeez, get your priorities right," I retorted sharply.   

 "So ve meet again Viddairs!" the highly accented voice said even louder. Like I hadn't heard him the first time.

Spinning around to face something which had a loose resemblance to what I'd hurled up a only few short days ago.  Howeffur this one was much, much bigger, had a terrible bad attitude, smelled like something had died and possessed really sharp claws.

"For the love of chicken flavoured noms, it's Widdairs with a Wouble U!" I spat, my temper nearing breaking point. "Look here mew brain loving mutated furrball alien monster thing... I've got one nerve left and mew're seriously getting on it!"

I heard Snowie scream and Smoochie cry out in terror, but Amber was still silent.
"What the flip is that hideous thing?" the Pink Flamingo screeched hysterically.

"That," I said more calmly now, as the sky raged above us in a swirling mass of angry red. "Is Furrz the Ferocious from the planet Yakitup, which is located in the Fuzzy Frizz Nebula, found in the Angelhair Dimension."

"I have prayed for this day for so very long my old adversary!" Furrz continued completely oblivious to my brief explanation of his origin. "I have waited by the trans-dimensional gateway for many cycles, and it finally opened, now I'm going to exact my revenge.... muwwahahahahaaaaahaaaaahaaa!" 

"Oh boy, there's nothing like a raving, looney, psycho brain sucking angry alien furrball with really long sharp claws!" I said under my breath, then deciding to take a whole new approach, I said rather genially. "Furrz dude, mew are looking well and mighty furry my old... erm... my old..."

"Basil kill it! KILL IT BASIL!" Smoochie screamed peeking out from his hiding place. "KILL IT!"

"Oh Bugger!" I wailed internally, my only plan just lucking right out.

Furrz took great exception to Smoochie's suggestion. "You evil killer, you squished my brother, Mattee Ballz, I saw you do it right before the portal closed last time and now it's your turn to die, how many of your nine lives do you have left Viddairs?" Furzz spat icily, globules of spit landing in my fur.

I raised an eyebrow surreptitiously, then I lifted up a paw and began to count slowly, then I did a recount just to make doubly sure, but before I could answer he screamed with fury, and lunged forward, his milky eyes changing colour and his long tongue, lashing out like a thick blue whip with lethal pincers at the end.

Snowie screamed again as the sky bubbled and boiled above, lightning cracked and the thunder boomed.

I jumped back, as the vicious tongue thrashed around and made another attempt to grab me.

The Pink Menace was still on the ground, quivering and sobbing, and generally being a gibbering wreck and that's when it happened.

'And CUT!'  


I know, I know, but we have to leave it there, believe me if I could tell the whole story in one go I would! It won't seem two shakes of a bees right knee until we're back again with the next; heart stopping, mind blowing, brain sucking, out of this world episode!
Anyhoo in the meantime, I bet mew've got more questions than mew could poke your tail at, such as...

Is Amber ok? [yes - unconscious though, fur the time being]

Oh heck, do those nasty, evil, furrball brain sucking aliens really exist? [that's classified]

How do we kill them, if they do? [also classified]

Does the planet Yakitup really exist in the Angelhair Dimension? [classified]

Were mew really in the F.I.B? [yes, but it's classified]

Did mew really squish his brother? [I'll get back to mew on that]

How many lives have mew got left? [classified]
What does U.F.O. stand fur? [Unbelievable Furrball Oppuration]

What about the Pink Menace, is he really covered in poop? [yes and MOL, too funny, hahahahahahaaaa!]

How many episodes are left? [not sure]

Can I join the F.I.B. and become a covert FIBBER Agent?  [sucks in deep breath, hmmmm... perhaps]

purrlease feel free to add your own questions...


Thanks so much fur joining us again, mew know we really love your company.  Stop by on Friday when it's Pet Parade time.

Happy Wednesday

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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