Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Saturday Solution ~ An informational Post ~ Planning Fur The Future

The Saturday Solution

Sound Advice in a World Gone Mad

An informational Sponsored Post ~ Planning Fur The Future 

Usually my Saturday Solution Posts are to help cats in crisis, this one is slightly different in that respect. 

Mew may remember a couple of weeks ago, on our Sunday Selfies Post, that young Parsley had a stack of cash.

When we asked him whence he came upon such a nest egg, he declined to offer an explanation - that aside I gently took the P.A. to one-side and said.

"Parsley's got a whole heap of cash that he's hoarding under his bed in a box," I paused while the P.A. listened intently, obviously having no clue about Parsley's secret cash hoarding. "While this shows great tenacity and skills in saving, I do believe that there would be a better solution fur managing his money."

The P.A. thought about this fur a moment and began to nod in agreement.

She said, "I may have just the thing, wait there while I get my iPad."

In two shakes of a lambs tail she was back and had a page on screen fur my immediate purrusal.

It read, 'Nutmeg'

I gave her a quizzical glance, "So how does this help Parsley's cash hoarding situation?"  

"I'm so glad you asked that," she answered. "Nutmeg offers an online fully managed investment portfolio, which I think would be a super idea for Parsley and his future wealth management and savings fund."

"And?" I pressed.

"Well if he's that serious about money Nutmeg offers many different options. For example, ISA's, Pensions, Stocks etc... to help grow his nest egg and so one day he will be able to keep me in my retirement," the P.A. laughed. "But seriously, there are many option's to consider, not without risk as any investment has a modicum of risk attached but generally he has a potential to increase his net-worth and not be locked into any long term plans so his money will still be accessible should he require it."

I pondered this as I purrused the highly detailed website further.  After a while of thorough investigation, which I must add is most necessary when planning on taking financial action of this kind, I conceded. "I think mew are right, planning fur the future is most definitely a high priority and it makes sense to dip ones paws into financial sector in a controlled and measured way, keeping the risk to a minimum while incurring monetary growth."

The P.A. nodded. "Yes, I agree and if Parsley is willing we'll set him up now, while he's young and help his nest egg grow without huge fees to eat into his capital."

I purred in delight at the thought of entering the financial arena and wondered to myself

'How would I look in a sharp suit in the City of London?'

So with that settled and Parsley in full agreement to the course of action implemented, his money was promptly deposited into a low-risk investment portfolio including an ISA savings account and he's neffur been happier, thinking of the future gains at the tip of his claws and not having to worry about his cash in a box anymore. Plus the bonus of being able to log in to the website at anytime to check his portfolio and investments made him purr like a panther.  

Thank mew Nutmeg!

Well that's our info-post done fur today and we hope mew've enjoyed our little foray into the financial world and making Parsley's future a little bit brighter, and hopefully paying fur the P.A.'s retirement.  After-all she deserves it!

Bestest Purrs  

Basil & Co xx


  1. oh deers, the links to Nutmeg don't work. Good thing you can get Parsleys money looked after purr properly. -Katie Kat.

  2. food serviss gurl haz been lie inn ta uz.... again....all theeze yeerz we haz been puttin R moneez
    inta tin canz wear they wuz knot earnin.... a thing.....herz been tellin uz frum de get go that nutmeg bee a spice...sum one iz sew gonna heer frum uz............inn deed ☺


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