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Thursday Frolicks ~ Cat of The Week!

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from the totally fan'cat'stic blog resizer

Many con'cat'ulations Amber!


Amber is such a cutie, and even though she has a huge crush on someone else, I may be in with a chance - if I dye my fur ginger! MOL  Anyhoo, here's Amber fabulous interview...

       Furstly can you tell us a little about yourself? i.e: how mew came to your current home, were mew a rescuee or adopted as a kitten or puppy, how old mew are,  what do mew like best about your living arrangements, etc…   My name is Amber and I just turned three years old. I came from the RSPCA in Bundaberg, and my name was originally Midge, but as mum said ‘a pretty girl needs a prettier name than Midge’.  Mum fell in love with me based on my photo online and adopted me without even meeting me first. To get to my new home I had to fly in a big cage on a big plane when I was only 10 weeks old.

       Do mew have any fur-siblings and if so, can mew tell us about them?
I have three fur-siblings, who are siblings. Charlie – my favourite brother who always gives me kisses and attention, Max – who chases me and who I growl at a lot, and Ava – who is my best friend although she doesn’t always like sharing the toys. Charlie, Max and Ava are only five months older than me.

      What is your most favourite thing?  Food, walks outside and cuddles with mum.

      What is your most least favourite thing? Max when he chases me.

      Do mew have any nicknames? Pumpkin, Princess, and Bubba.

  Are you an indoor kitty or an exploratory outdoor enthusiast/adventurer? Both. I am an indoor kitty but I am harness and leash trained so I go for weekend walks in the garden and get to stalk the lizards and chase butterflies. Mum says I’m a natural at walking on the leash.

     What’s your favourite treat or most yummy nom?  I like to sneak a taste from mum’s plate especially when she has roast chicken.

  What’s the wurst thing mew’ve effur done? i.e: bringing live prey into the house and onto the pillow next to your sleeping hoomans as a speshul surprise, chewing/scratching the furniture/soft furnishings into oblivion, destroying something precious, digging the flowerbeds up, eating the car seat, yakking up on the new silk throw, yakking up everywhere apart from on the wooden floors etc…  [these are all things experienced by my P.A. at some point during her animal guardianship]  I’m a good girl and don’t do anything that mum doesn’t like. Max is the King of Naughty in our house. Mum says I’m an angel.

   Where’s your favourite snooze spot? The bottom of mum’s wardrobe or the laundry cupboard (middle shelf amongst the towels) – I like some quiet time on my own.

   Do mew have any speshul skillz?  i.e: can open the tin of tuna while the hoomans are at work, escape artist, hiding, jumping, sleeping, playing, catching, fetching, supurr fast, etc…  Mum has taught me to respond to a few voice commands… ‘Kiss Kiss’ means mum wants me to headbutt and smooch.  ‘You Me Go’ accompanied by mum pointing at me, then pointing at herself then pointing down the hallways means we’re going to have some one-on-one playtime with Da-Bird which is my favourite toy. I always race mum to the end of the house when this happens and squeeee with excitement.

  What’s your favourite time of year and why?  Anytime except the scorching summer months, because when it’s too hot outside mum doesn’t take me for walks in the garden, even though I keep standing at the door and asking.

   Who do mew most admire? Waffles. I have a big crush on the handsome ginger boy at Glogirly.

   If mew could do absolutely anything, what would it be?  I’d jump on a big jet plane and fly to Minneapolis so Waffles and I could go on a chicken date to KFC.

Purrs Amber xx


Here's all the links mew can click to visit Amber & Siblings online:

We'd like to say a big thank mew to Amber and her furrmilly for starring today, we've so enjoyed your company!


That's it fur today, we've had a blast as always and really enjoyed effury moment.

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  1. this is outstanding way of doing work. just loving it Lost and found

  2. Amber is lovely!!! Thanks for introducing her to us!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Great interview with Amber. She's one of those unusual female orange kitties, and she is a beauty. We have a feeling she'd have to get in line at Waffles door. He has a huge number of admirers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Sadly, I think the odds are against Amber when it comes to Waffles... long-distance relationships rarely work. :(

  4. dood...grate interview again !! ~~~

    amber, very nice ta meet ewe; we enjoyed reedin yur storee...conga ratz on bein chozen as cat o de week

    we think itz WAY kewl ewe get ta walk outside N look for lizardz !!! heerz two a grate week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

    1. We have lots of lizards in our garden, but Amber seems to prefer chasing butterflies!

  5. That is a great interview with Amber.

  6. Amber is quite the beauty. Thanks for interviewing her!

  7. Aww, Amber is adorable!! I love that she goes on walks with her mum :-)

  8. Thanks for featuring Amber as Cat of the Week, she's super excited. We're sorry for our late reply, but mum has been travelling and is only just back home again!


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