Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Saturday Solution ~ An Informational Post

Welcome to another installment of

The Saturday Solution

 ~ An informational Sponsored Post ~ 

Many Greetings Pawesome Furriends

What a week it's been, and if mew remember last weekend we put the P.A. through the mill, mew can see her handy work here:

So anyhoo, we, collectively know as the Kitty Clan, thought that she did a truly tremendous job in the garden with all the raised beds and decided that she deserved something nice or a bit speshul from us to show our ongoing appreciation fur all her hard work.

So we got together, as we do and began to have a serious discussion on how best to reward her efforts.

*   *   *

'The Gift'

 "I think we should get her a great big box of catnip, with a lovely pink bow on it!" Smooch said.

I almost, almost snorted. "Smooch," I replied in my most serious tone. "I don't think the P.A. wants catnip, I think you'd like a big box of it fur yourself!"

Smooch dropped his head in shame and went silent.

Parsley laughed out loud. "Smooch, mew got caught right out there!"

"Well your suggestion of some new mouse toys was really pants!" Smooch retorted.

"Well it beats having to give her the real thing to deal with!" Parsley replied. "Mew know how she gets when we bring 'em back alive and leave them fur her to find!"

"Enough," I said sternly. "Now look, let's get serious, we are not getting the P.A. any cat related goodies ok?"

The Clan nodded in agreement.

"We need something a little more sophisticated fur her, mew know how she likes nice things, so get your thinking caps on and let's get her something she'll love and Parsley mew're paying as mew're the one with all the money!"

Parsley gave me a rather sheepish look and nodded.

Amber suddenly began to wave her paws rather ecstatically. "Eureka!" she exclaimed excitedly.

The five of us [and spirit-kitty Posie] looked at her rather suspiciously.

"Eureka?" I asked. "What the flip is a Eureka?"

"Oh mew guys, get with the programme, what does the P.A. love?" Amber asked.

We all shrugged and stared blankly at her.

Amber harrumphed rather loudly. "Don't mew guys pay attention to anything?  The P.A. loves softness!" she declared as if we all understood her completely bonkers cryptic-ness.

"Softness," we all murmured.

"Yes, she loves softness, soft fabrics," Amber said rather sharply. "She loves cashmere and merino wool!"

"Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we all exclaimed.

"Are we all on the same page now?" she asked. 

We got together in group huddle and pondered this revelation.  Coming up fur air I said. "Oh so that's what she wears, cropped merino wool and cashmere cardigans!"

Amber nodded.  "Yes, she wears cashmere and I think we should get her a new cropped cashmere and merino wool cardigan!"

We all looked at her in astonishment. "What a totally brilliant idea, I can't believe I didn't come up with it myself!" I said. "Get the iPad guys, we're going shopping fur supurr soft woolly jumpers."

Seconds later Parsley and Smooch appeared with the iPad and off we went into cyberspace on a cute cardigan shopping expedition.

After much purrusal, we found the most purrfect one effur; a supurr cute merino wool and cashmere cardigan in a hot pink colour from the ladieswear section of an online store the P.A. has shopped with on numerous occasions.

"The P.A. will be most delighted," we all agreed, after Parsley had paid fur it.

"I can't wait to see her surprise when it arrives!" I said.

So watch this space, as we'll be posting pictures of the new cardi when it arrives and hopefully the P.A. will model it too! MOL

*   *   *

Happy Caturday Furriends

Enjoy your day and we'll be here tomorrow with Sunday Selfies

Until then

Bestest Purrs

Basil & Co XOX


  1. Happy CATurday, sweetie!! I love your Blog and you FB page.Very PAWsome!!

  2. MOL!! Who's credit card did you use? Just asking! ;) very thoughtful gift guys!

    1. Parsley's got investments, we used his money! MOL MOL MOL XOX

  3. I need to figure out how to shop online - think of da bacon I could order!

    1. Oh mew could order a whole pig! MOL MOL MOL XOX

  4. Oooh, yes! The P.A. will love that, for sure! We'll need to learn how to do that online shopping thing, too. :)

    1. I do recommend it fur ease and convenience, especially since cats can't legally drive cars to go the shops!!!!! MOL MOL XOX

  5. shoppin two day...two morrow werld !!!!!!!! bwaaaaaaa ha ha !!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Mew know it's true, especially when we have a tank! MOL MOL XOX


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