Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wordy on Wednesday

Greetings Furriends

Many of mew left comments on yesterdays post regarding what types of plants we needed in the new raised beds, mainly catnip! MOL

Well, as it happens we already have a plentiful supply of catmint in the garden, in fact this year one of the plants is so big all of us could get lost in it!  The furst 3 photo's were taken last summer of me having a really good time and the next 4 were taken today.

No: 1

No: 2

No: 3

No: 4

As mew can now see, there are four millwheels with more than enough fur effuryone... the P.A. planted them in the millwheels as trying to get into a plant pot and roll around just wasn't happening fur any of us, so she furry kindly solved the problem and now we can roll and roll and roll, lay in it, bathe in it, snooze in it and really, to be purrfectly honest, it's completely fabulous.  Effury home should have such a delivery system fur maximum enjoyment.

In fact it could be time fur a

glitter maker


  1. Luv your pics! And I'm comin over for dat pawty!

  2. That's beautiful, Basil! And if you're having that party, count us in! :)

  3. Awesome! Although I say you can never have enough catmint!

  4. Let the Pawty get started!!! MOL XOX

  5. OMC!! What a great idea and a yummy supply of the good stuff, MOL!


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