Friday, 26 June 2015

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Friday greetings wunderpurr furriends

OH MY CAT! Mew'll neffur believe it, or maybe mew will!   Anyhoo, fur those of mew following our totally insane, off the planet, completely out-there, bonkers adventure - The Curse of The Klepto Bunny, will know that in Tuesdays episode, I mentioned that I was calling in  Bunzilla.... pause fur breath... at the time I thought, 'Yep, be no purroblem, get him here and let's take Baron Von Booney down in a propurr manner'

However, best laid plans get shot in the butt at point blank range and all hell breaks loose, just because a giant bunny rabbit emerges from an uber deep Atlantic rift and heads towards our frooty little island.

We now have the worlds media following Bunzilla right to our back door, I mean - what the flip??? and how the freak am I going to explain this one to the P.A.????

[Answers in the comment box greatly welcome/appreciated/needed desperately at this point!]

So here we are, with Bunzilla on route to our sleepy little village with the worlds media in uber hot pursuit, oh and let's not furget that the Army has been deployed too and then that means the Air-force will just have to get involved as well -  OMC OMC OMC!!!


Well we'd better sign off and prepare fur an invasion!

Anyhoo, time fur the Parade to begin, so have fun and we'll [hopefully] be back on Sunday with The Sunday Selfies Post, hope mew can join us fur that.

Kitty kisses and many hugs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Replies
    1. MOL you're too funny Speedy!!! Is there an update on where Bunzilla is now? XOX

    2. He's Getting very close now, I'm on route to intercept Bunzilla!Be there in a jiffy Basil...hehehe Ranger Speedy

    3. Hehehe hope you don't mind my new post,xx Speedy

  2. How ARE you going to explain this one to the PA?

    Seriously, how are you? I need to know. I've managed to get myself into some trouble with the peep when messing with whisks and screwing up the space-time continuum, from time to time. I could really use some advice on how to deal with a peep who finds the aftermath of such things in the basement. MOUSES!


  3. Meow! What an adventure! OMC, indeed! :) Can't wait to see how you get out of this mess.

  4. guys......ewe noe that sayin that peepulz uze sum times...... silence iz golden...we think ya mite wanna try this ...this time......

    ore everee one could take de next flite ta de land oh PA will never find ewe......faaaaaaaaaaa...we due knot even noe wear we lives !!! ♥♥♥♥ N we live heer !!!

    heerz two a bigmouth buffalo { yep itza fish } !! kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. UhOh Weez not sure what you shuld say. Maybe just purrtend yous know nuffin' 'bout it all. MOL Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. This story keeps getting better and better. :)


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