Friday, 31 July 2015

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Many greetings wunderpurr furriends

Today we are furry sad, as mew will know that some complete idiot went and shot Cecil the Lion and paid a lot of money to do so.  This makes us furry, furry sad and we don't usually enter the world of media politics, howeffur we felt that being distant relations to Cecil needed to say something today.

Hunting is wrong, it's not sport - it's an outright massacre, we feel that in our educated world and we do live in the best of times throughout the entire history of mankind/catkind/animalkind, we feel that the world is just as barbaric as it was in the Dark Ages, and this to us, makes no sense at all given what we know and how we live in modern times.

So our question is this, if we're so civilised and educated, why do people want to hurt animals, and each other fur that matter?   It really is a joke, and a furry sad one at that.

If aliens are out there, there's no way they'd come here on a peace mission, the only thing they'd want to do is wipe humanity out...

RIP Cecil the Lion

Gone but definitely not furgotten

*   *   *

Anyhoo, enough of that - we do hope mew've all had a great week, apart from the above ours has been good.  The weather cooled just slightly and we've had a few showers, but this is good news fur the veggie patch.  Parsley has taken to going down the field with me on Kitty Patrol the last couple of weeks, so he's in training.  Smooch is not too happy about this as he wanted to come along, howeffur  the P.A. doesn't really like him coming along as she worries about him getting into all manner of predicaments due to his speshul needs status [3 legs]  so he's been sulking a little.

Snowie has been sleeping a lot, but we figure this is because she's older.  Amber has been a propurr sucky baby all week, a propurr cling-on! MOL  Humphrey has been spending his days upside down without a care in the world, so the OAP kitties are just taking it nice and easy.

If mew missed any posts this week, here's what's been happening:

and fur those of mew that missed the last episode of 

On that note, we'll say bye fur now and we'll be back on Sunday with our usual post of Sunday Selfies, hope mew can join us then!

Kitty kisses and many hugs

Basil & Co xox

With our fabulous hosts Rascal & Rocco, and pawesome co-hosts Jan's Funny FarmersLove is Being Owned By A Husky and Barking From The Bayou so don't furget to visit them and see what exciting stuff they've all been up to this week, we know mew won't be disappointed!

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  1. I'm with you Basil RIP Cecil the Lion,xx Speedy

  2. I agree Basil, it is a tragedy that Cecil and so many others are slaughtered for man's pleasure. It should be banned. All living things have a right to life.

  3. I heard the news about poor Cecil :( How awful!!!! I was shocked.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. guys...we canna even bee gin ta speek a bout Cecil...knot onlee will we bee heer for a yeer with R rant, but we will be puttin pie rats ta shame with R cuzzin....we haza linx on R page ta help Cecil if ewe wanna chex it out

    meen time...enjoy yur caturday with de PA; yur collage thiz week rocks de houz...heerz two a central mudminnow kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥♥

  5. We're sad about Cecil too. Stoopid stoopid human!

  6. Good to hear you are all doing well. We were sad to read about Cecil.

  7. I agree, it feels like we are still in the dark ages. I'm so distressed about what happened to beautiful Cecil. What kind of person does that??
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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