Friday, 14 August 2015

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Friday greetings pawesome pals

Well what can we say apart from UNICORNS! MOL

Mew'll neffur believe it, [or maybe mew will] but there we all were have a little parle in the garden on Tuesday evening just as it was getting dark, as mew do - well actually the P.A. was whistling us to come inside, but mew know how it goes, a beautiful evening, it's warm and there's barely a breeze stirring the leaves on the trees and to be purrfectly honest, none of us wanted to go inside so we were hiding - anyhoo so imagine we're all hiding out and the P.A. disappeared back into the house and shut the door, and just as we were having a good old chuckle from deep within the undergrowth we heard a strange noise.

"Shhhhh," I whispered, and incredibly effurypurdy did. "I'll go check it out, wait here and don't make a sound."

I edged supurr stealthily being furry careful not to make a sound so I could see what had made such a noise. And to my fur smacking amazement I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, there was a soft whinny and muffled clips clops on the hard ground and I held my breath fur what seemed furever as my brain tried to register what was in the garden.

Finally I managed to speak and mumbled, "Unicorns!"  

*    *    *

In other mews this week, the weather has been rather warm bordering on mildly humid and the tomatoes are growing beautifully, sadly the same can't be said fur the cucumbers! MOL

If mew missed any posts this week, here's whats been happening

Humphrey was Wordless on Wednesday
Angel Posie was Thoughtless on Thursday

Tomorrow we'll be back with a supurr post with Amber and Athena the Wise Kitty and then our usual Sunday Selfies post, so we hope mew can join us over the weekend.

Wishing mew all a totally supurr day

Purrs and kitty kisses

Basil & Co xox

With our fabulous hosts Rascal & Rocco, and pawesome co-hosts Jan's Funny FarmersLove is Being Owned By A Husky and Barking From The Bayou so don't furget to visit them and see what exciting stuff they've all been up to this week, we know mew won't be disappointed!

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  1. Holy Cat! You have unicorns there, Basil???

    Have a great Friday, sweet pals. :)

  2. Unicorns Pawsome Basil,xx Speedy

    1. Hiya Speedy, I can feel another saga brewing.... want to join in? purrs Basil XOX

  3. Oh, you had me in suspense! I thought it was going to be some vicious creature, but thank goodness! ~RascalandRocco

    1. MOL MOL!!! No it was only some unicorns!

  4. Unicorns? I foresee another adventure!
    You have beautiful evenings where you live? Every time I come in from the garden, mum has to towel dry the rain off me.

    1. I think mew could be right Flynn ;) MOL

  5. guys....we gotta thurd what flynn said...we see another storee bout ta happen !!!! HOO RAY !!!! heerz ta mor adventures outside while de PA iz un awarez oh whatz goin on ~~~ ♥♥

    heerz two an icefish inanga kinda week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

    1. MOL mew do make us laugh Tabbies, yes I think another adventure will be imminent, all while the P.A. has absolutely no idea whatsoeffur that anything is happening at all! MOL MOL

  6. Basil, I love tht cute little nose- I wish I could kiss it. And the rest of you look great too.

  7. Awwwww *Blushes* thank mew furry much! XOX


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