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The Saturday Special with Amber

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A couple of weeks ago, we popped in to see Athena the Wise Kitty at

and while we were there we saw that she was running a rafflecopter contest fur a kitty tarot reading,

"Well this is right up our alley!" I said to the rest of the kitty clan and promptly entered.

Well, mew could have blown my fur off  with a whisper when we got an email the other day from the Wise Kitty herself, Athena [& Pawesome Human too] to say that we'd won the competition.  I repeat, mew could have blown my fur off with a whisper when I read it,  now my only purroblem was; which one of us was getting the reading?

I won't go into too many details but it was furry interesting fur a few minutes and quite loud too, but let's just say we drew mouses tails and Amber won.  So here is Amber's tarot reading...


7 August 2015

Card One Represents the Past

The first card drawn is the Queen of Pentacles. This looks like a happy contented cat, finding herself in the lap of luxury. Was she a part of a large litter? I feel that she was. There is a lot of motherly energy in this card and fertility symbols. Amber sees herself as a mother or likes to mother other pets in the household. Other pets look to her as a maternal figure. Also a card of success, so if she was human, Amber would be a good business woman as she would never let any obstacle to financial freedom get in her way. She likes to keep the balance in all things. I feel she is involved in books, or she features in stories.

Card Two Represents the Present

The second card drawn is The Fool. This card signifies a leap into the unknown, a leap of faith if you like. Of showing no fear, just curiosity about everything and filled with sheer excitement about having fun. It's a card of new beginnings, of turning the page and of good things to come. The butterfly symbolizes a free spirit and the spirit itself.  Also reincarnation and innocence, purity. Amber is a master of her own universe, acts on impulse and is quite the fearless one. I feel that she enjoys being a bit of a character and delights in making humans laugh.

Card Three Represents the Near Future

In this position we have The Hanged Man, a card not really as scary as it seems (or looks).  Everything in this card looks chaotic, with the feeling of uncertainty and untidiness. The cat is climbing curtains and may appear distressed, but really, climbing is the cat's idea of fun, isn't it? It's what cats do. A cat may be sitting there one minute, all zen-like, and then the next minute she will be sprinting across the room having a mad moment and leaping on doors, climbing curtains, etc. There is an urgency to do other things, or simply to meditate and advance the spirit. This is a card of avoiding conflict with another. I feel Amber is like this. In her case, conflict with other cats or animals in the house. She does not like to fight, but would rather sit it out in a quiet corner, her own hideaway.  

To sum up, Amber is quite the settled cat. Happy with life and her surroundings. She feels well loved and cared for and has more than she could ever wish for.

Amber's response:

I am furry contented and happy, and yes I do live in the lap of luxury now.  I can't remember if I came from a large litter, [I am part of a large clan now though] the only history I have is being with the humans before my P.A. who were going to have me to put to sleep as I'm a FIV kitty and they didn't want the hassle, that and the fact they wanted to buy a leather sofa ??? anyhoo that was a lifetime ago.  Yes I am a little matriarchal and can be bossy at times and I do like balance in my life.

 I am a bit of a character as mew can see from my cheeky photo's above and I certainly make the P.A. and dad laugh! MOL And I am a free spirit and dance to the beat of my own drum and actually butterflies are my most favourite thing in the garden - I love to chase them!

I most certainly do have my mad moments and then I have my zen time. I don't like conflict either and do tend to shy away from it and retreat. 

All in all I am a settled, happy kitty who loves my home and I know how much I am loved and cared for, plus I have more comfy beds than I can shake my tail at! MOL

Thank mew so much to Athena and her wunderpurr Human for my reading which was absolutely pawesomely terrific!

If mew'd like to find out more about Athena, mew can visit her here:

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  1. Hi, kitties! :) (waves paw)

    Luv, Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle and

    1. Thanks fur visiting guys, it's lovely mew could stop by! XOX

  2. I love the collage of Amber-such a sweet face.

    1. Thank mew, she'll be furry purrleased to hear that! XOX

  3. Thank you so much for posting about your reading. We are so happy you liked it and it's always great to receive the feedback :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

    1. NO, thank mew fur the most pawesome reading, Amber was over joyed and thrilled to bits that she was the one who 'won' XOX

  4. That was a great reading Amber, and very interesting.

    1. Thanks Flynn, btw Amber thinks mew are furry furry cute ;) being ginger and white and all!


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