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The Saturday Special With Parsley et Al

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Today we have something a little bit different fur mew, a couple of weeks ago we were furry kindly asked if we'd like to try a jigsaw puzzle, made by Wentworth Wooden Puzzles  well let me tell mew guys, the P.A. was thrilled, she absolutely loves jigsaw puzzles and we got to choose which one we wanted to road test.

So anyhoo, the P.A.'s totally, bestest, most favourite holiday is Halloween, so of course that's the one we chose. It's called: Halloween with Lesley's Cats  howeffur there were sooooo many pawesome cat themed puzzles in all honesty it was quite hard to choose!

It came beautifully boxed and the wooden puzzle pieces were in a lovely cotton draw string bag [no plastic here! MOL]

The P.A. was most eager to begin, so after tipping the contents out on the kitchen island the work began. During the sorting process, we found the most unusual shapes...

"Ah, they're the whimsy pieces!" the P.A. said.

I just gave her a blank look and nodded, not knowing what whimsy pieces were until she placed them on a place-mat fur my inspection.

"How apt!" I replied noticing that these 'special whimsy's' were all Halloween themed.

The P.A. beamed at me and said, "Now this a what I call a jigsaw!"

After sorting all the edge pieces and whimsy pieces from the rest of the pile, the P.A. began to puzzle with Parsley, Smoochie & Snowie - as they thought they were in it and wanted to make sure the P.A. did it right! MOL

"Mew're not doing right!" Parsley said. "That piece goes there!"

"I can see I'm going to have to do effurything!" Parsley muttered as he picked another piece up.

"Parsley," Smoochie said. "I can see one of these pieces from this pile goes somewhere!"

Slowly the puzzle was constructed.

Finally complete, Snowie came in fur a closer inspection and gave it her wholehearted seal of approval.

"The white cats are my favorite!" she declared after purrusing the picture.

"Of course they are," I replied.

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The P.A. had this to say:

The puzzle was fabulous at 250 pieces = 14.2" x 9.8" inches - it may have looked easy, but getting the edges done was tougher than you'd expect, I can only imagine what the 1500pc would be like.

The pieces fitted together beautifully and the quality was fabulous.  The picture detail was wonderful and every time you looked at it, you noticed something new, I must say the artist put a lot of thought into it, in fact I love the picture so much that I'm probably going to frame it.

Overall it took me just under 4 hours to complete from initially tipping the pieces out to the final piece being placed.  Not the speediest I've ever done a 250pc jigsaw but then I was in no rush and let's not forget the 'added help' [running interference] from Parsley and Smoochie - which was a complete delight, at least they didn't lose any pieces.

Also the surface I was constructing the puzzle on was not the best choice -  shiny black granite with a light directly above, not the greatest decision on my part! LOL

All in all, I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed puzzling it together and will definitely be getting another one soon.  This is the one I rather like for next time in the 500pc Raining Cats and Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle

So if you're a puzzle lover, check out

 Wentworth Wooden Puzzles 

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Many thanks fur joining us today on our puzzling little journey and don't furget to stop by tommorow fur Sunday Selfies.

Happy Caturday

Basil & Co xox

[FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s]

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  1. That puzzle looks fabulous! We really liked those whimsy pieces. :) We will go and check out the Wentworth site now. Hugs!

    1. It is really fab, the P.A. loved it! XOX

  2. My human is amazed you were able to put that together with the cats helping! She hasn't done a jigsaw puzzle in years... mainly because of kitties!

    1. Hey Summer it was quite funny and the P.A. left the puzzle unattended for a couple of nights and was furry pleasantly surprised to see that no pieces had become casualties of playtime! MOL

      She's wanted to buy one of those puzzle mat things fur a long time, so mew can roll up effurything and move it out of the way while you're not working on it - maybe we'll get Kitty Claws to bring her one for Catmass MOL

  3. I admire the hell out of you! You did a most pawesome job! I absolutely HATE jigsaw puzzles because I have ZERO patience for them!
    Well done YOU!

    1. MOL Caren, they're good therapy and teach patience - apparently! MOL XOX

  4. What a cool puzzle. And we can see you had lots of help with putting it together. ;)

    1. Thanks Island Cats, yes we were furry helpful and we didn't lose a single iddy biddy piece! XOX

  5. That is a very cool puzzle. I have given up on puzzles because of my "helpers", they seem to think it is fun to chew on the pieces and knock them on the floor.

    1. Oh yes, the P.A. experienced that with our OTRB Kitty ~ Miss Mildred Marbles ~ she was a puzzle destroyer of the worst kind! MOL


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