Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday Tails ~ In The Realms of Legend

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Featuring our latest adventure from the Realms of Legend

Mew may, or may not remember a couple of weeks ago on The Pet Parade  that we mentioned, unicorns

Fur those of mew that missed it, here's what happened....

*    *    *


There we all were have a little parle in the garden on Tuesday evening just as it was getting dark, as mew do - well actually the P.A. was whistling us to come inside, but mew know how it goes, a beautiful evening, it's warm and there's barely a breeze stirring the leaves on the trees and to be purrfectly honest, none of us wanted to go inside so we were hiding - anyhoo so imagine we're all hiding out and the P.A. disappeared back into the house and shut the door, and just as we were having a good old chuckle from deep within the undergrowth we heard a strange noise.

"Shhhhh," I whispered, and incredibly effurypurdy did. "I'll go check it out, wait here and don't make a sound."

I edged supurr stealthily being furry careful not to make a sound so I could see what had made such a noise. And to my fur smacking amazement I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, there was a soft whinny and muffled clips clops on the hard ground and I held my breath fur what seemed furever as my brain tried to register what was in the garden.

Finally I managed to speak and mumbled, "Unicorns!"  

*    *    *

Well, fur the life of me I couldn't think why we suddenly had unicorns in the garden and then I remembered a conversation I'd had a few days earlier with Smoochie while we were sitting in the Magic Box... It played in my mind over and over like a continuous loop... 

Neffur in my wildest imaginings did I actually think it would work, after all we were sitting in a furry ordinary plain non magical box that the P.A. had written - as a complete joke - 'MAGIC BOX'

And me in all my furry logic and purrhaps fuzzy logic playing along with the big hilarious charade winding Smoochie up fur the sake of winding Smoochie up, which as it happens was a tremendous, monumental BACKFIRE! 

Oh heavens help me fur my total non believing faux pas, anyhoo all I'll say on the matter is, magic is defo REAL fur sure.  Smoochie's wish came true, we now have not one but two unicorns in the garden, the P.A. has no clue whatsoeffur and here we all are... again! MOL

BTW  the Magic Box has now been impounded and is locked securely in the secret bunker because if Smooch can rustle up a couple of unicorns and get them, who knows what else is possible.

*    *    *

Join us fur our latest saga, coming real soon



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  1. I can't wait for this adventure! I have never seen a unicorn, only horse. My mum made one of her horses look like a unicorn for a May Day parade a long time ago.

    1. Hiya Flynn, mew'll be purrleased to know that the new saga is under construction! MOL

  2. This sounds as if it is going to be another exiting adventure. Can't wait to read more. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Oh my it's going to be supurr exciting! XOX

  3. Can I please borrow that magic box to see if it will bring me Nicolas Cage?

    1. Mew guys are too funny, that's exactly why I've locked it away! MOL MOL MOL

  4. Wishing for unicorns... THAT'LL do it, every time. MOUSES!


  5. R internetz thiz week haz been like a lite switch...off...on...off...on....out.....stoppin bye two say Hi while de spazzed thing iz still....ON~~~~~~we hope ta cod it stayz on two sew we can reed de hole tail...tale....storee:)

  6. guys...we iz bak & sew bee de inter webz we due bee leeve ~~~ YAY....

    a paws a paws a paws....on yur storee ~~~~~ pleez get bak in de magic box N think...
    fish...N pizza piez..N cake...N grazz...N nip.....N well, all kindz oh good stuff that catz can wish for & just may bee....de unicornz will help ewe hide ALL de goodz from de PA !!!! may bee.....♥


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