Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Saturday Special ~ The Annual Garden Safari

Welcome to another edition of

On this weeks episode our supurr pawesome furriends we're taking mew on a Garden Safari, we did mention this a few weeks ago [I know we usually do the tour in July but the P.A. was away so that's why we're late this year]. Howeffur, the day has finally come, so without further adieu here's some serious flower power... 

Let the fun begin on our annual

glitter maker

This year rather than walk mew through the garden we thought we'd group the flowers together by colour fur a most dramatic effect.

We believe that the flowers speak fur themselves this year, hence no commentary is needed at this time ~  feel free to wander at your leisure and just soak up the beauty of our rainbow garden and enjoy the peaceful tranquility and ambiance.

Any questions, just shout ~ I'll be reclining here, in the catmint ready to assist mew at a moments notice! MOL

*    *    *

Well, we've come to the end of the tour, we do hope mew've enjoyed yourselves and if mew'd like any refreshments such as fresh nip tea, iced or hot.  A selection of tuna flake cakes, hot fudge nip cakes, dreamy chip cakes, iced nip surprise or if your taste buds require something a little more fishy we have salmon on a bed of fabulous fresh nip puree served on toasted seeded nip crackers.  So just head towards the patio where Amber and Parsley will be your servers and make mew feel right at home.  After there are plenty of places to have a snooze, so stay as long as mew like.

All our nip nibbles are made with pure, fresh 100% organic nip too, fur your added enjoyment.

Image courtesy of [Apolonia] / 

Image courtesy of [duron123] /

Image courtesy of [tiramisustudio] /

*    *    *

We've really enjoyed your company today, mew've been the best tour group effur! 

We'll be back tomorrow with our usual Sunday Selfies post, so stop by fur that if mew get chance.

And if mew missed any of this weeks posts, here's the links:

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Thoughtless on Thursday with Smoochie

The Pet Parade with all of us

Enjoy the rest of your stay, and remember I'll be in the catmint, should mew need me.

*    *    *

Also the books from Parsley's Birthday Give-Away are winging their way to the winners, the *robotic* carrier pigeons left yesterday.

[*Special notice: Tabbies of Trout Towne we have no real burdz here - I engineered some robotic ones! MOL MOL]

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Absolutely stunning display!! Thank you xx

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Ours were useless this year, probably because it has been so cold most of the summer.

  3. Thanks fur stopping by furriends and fur sharing in the colour explosion! XOX XOX


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