Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thoughtless on Thursday with Snowie

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Greetings pawesome furriends

Snowie here, and today my thoughtlessness includes a Thursday Flashback to last summer when we were cursed with the highly annoying PINK FLAMINGO!

Some of mew maybe wundering why this is thoughtless, well let me just say, it's something that the heathen hoard would really like to furget, like furrrrrrrrrever! MOL

Mew know as I'm the eldest, sometimes I just have to keep it real....

Purrs and Kisses


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Thoughtless Thursday

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  1. What sweet photos of you, Snowie... even if that flamingo got in the way!

  2. Silly flamingo!! You are so sweet though!

  3. Stuffies are always doing silly things,xx Speedy

  4. Oh no! Not the return of the evil pink flamingo!!

  5. snowie........ jezuz....say we iz knot see inn......what we iz see inn ~~~ ♥♥♥♥


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