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FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #15 ~ Wordy on Wednesday ~ The Pink Flamingo Saga Continues... Part III

Welcome to our 15th Flashback post.

Today we are revisiting one of our furry furst 10 part adventure posts; Part III of The Pink Flamingo Saga, this one is from June 25th 2014, so we're hardly breaking a sweat with today's time-travelling excursion! MOL 

Let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go just a little ways back....

Woo hoo, that was fun... not to swirly either! MOL

Welcome to another Installment of   

Wordy on Wednesday 

[formerly known as Wordless on Wednesdays but we've got too much to say! MOL]

Midweek greetings supurr furriends

 The Pink Flamingo Saga continues... in Part III 

For a quick recap on the all bizarro happenings click here:  Part I Part II

Mew may remember that my baby brofur Smoochie was bunny-kicking the pants off the pink menace at the end of our last riveting episode. 

 Using his supurr Smoochie skillz, he bunny-kicked that fiend senseless using 
his supurr strong back leg. 

"That's fur traumatizing my big sisfur!" he said triumphantly.



Smoochie was really getting stuck in to the fluorescent pink teleporting wacko when there was an almighty


and it vanished.

Amber rushed to the patio doors and saw the wicked pink menace magically appear in the lavender bush. 

"To the garden," she called. 

 Smoochie was already racing across the lawn towards it, when 


The pesky varmint landed on top of the garden gate.

Glaring at us with it beady black eyes and a rather disconcerting smirk. 

"You crazy kitties can't catch me!" he laughed menacingly.

"I'll get him!" I cried leaping up onto the top of the gate, but I was a fraction too late, it had 


out of there.

Materializing in the most holy of holiest places.

"It's in our flippin' cat-mint!" Amber shouted from the courtyard. "That cheeky pesky pest is in our cat-mint, get him!"

She raced towards the mill-wheel and this is what happened next...

She found the pink menace fully submerged face first in one of our beloved and prized cat-mint plants.

Completely oblivious to effurrything going on around him, the pink flamingo burrowed deeper into the fragrant nectar absorbing its wondurpurr fragrance

Fully engulfed, the pink pest plunged a little further into the very core of the cat-mint and all we could hear was a strange snorting and chomping sound.  We were quite astounded and kept our distance, not knowing what would happen next...

Finally the pesky pink varmint came up for air - taking rasping gasping breaths he stretched out completely, almost coma-like.

[On another note: I have to admire his tenacity and outright hardcore approach to embracing this truly magnificent plant.]

Amber jumped onto the mill-wheel, just as the pink menace emerged from the most thrilling experience he'd effur had. 

She was not a happy camper. "This is completely unacceptable!" she said trying to contain her outrage as the pink winged beastie lay in a hallucinogenic daze, completely ignorant of the extreme wrath being directed like claw-tipped arrows straight at him.

"This means war!" she said resolutely.

Dan dan daah....

'And CUT!' 


Smoochie here, "Sorry mew guys, but we'll have to leave it there fur this week, the P.A. has other stuff to do  now, but don't worry we'll be back with more before mew know it!" 

The Pink Flamingo Saga will continue next week... so stayed tuned for what happened next....

What do mew think will happen next?!

Have a pawesome day

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co 

If mew would like to read The Pink Flamingo Saga in its entirety please click the links below:

 Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV  Part V ~ Part VI ~  Part VII ~ Part VIII ~  Part IX ~ Part X

Bestest festive purrs and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur another Flashback Fever post, who knows where we'll be travelling to! MOL

Basil & Co xox

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  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....


    hope de dood in red waz veree good two everee one ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    de hat leeved de building two day N bee a headed for kitties blue'z houz !!

  2. Bravo! We always love reliving your adventures, Basil and Co.! And it sure was fun seeing Smoochie when he was little. :)

  3. That is probably the most active stuffed flamingo in history!! Hope he manages to escape to freedom!

  4. Cute flashback, I don't recall the flamingo battle.


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