Friday, 17 March 2017

The Pet Parade Blog Hop No:187 ~ Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Love is Being Owned By A Husky & Barking from the Bayou

Supurr Salutations and Greetings Wunderpurr Furriends

As mew can see we've really got our green on today! MOL

Well whats been happening this week, I hear mew ask?

Mew've met the newbies and they're now enlisted in our Kitty Commando Training Academy.  They are on the intensive programme, so are learning weapons skills this week.  Howeffur Pandora is quite the little madam.  She said and I quote, "I vant to be a spy Basil, and mew may call me Pandora Von DaPlume!"

I looked at her, bemewsment readily apparent all offur my furry chops.  "And what makes mew think mew can be a spy?" I asked.

"Because I am Pandora Von DaPlume and I vould make a most excellent agent!" she said in her strange little foreign accent. "I speak many languages and 'ave many skillz that mew may not know about."

I raised an eyebrow and said. "Such as?"

Her glittering eyes narrowed and she smirked. "I did a lot of research on mew and it vould seem that mew vurked fur the F.I.B., aftur checking out your furry impressive credentials, I decided that I too vould be purrfect fur that life."

I must admit she does have great evasive skillz, as no matter how much I pressed her fur info, she was not forthcoming and changed the subject each time.

"OK Pandora," I said finally aftur dancing around an invisible mulberry bush in our verbal sparing session. "I'll tell mew what..."

She looked at me expectantly, a slight smile tugging at her mouth.

"Once mew've completed your Kitty Commando Training we'll talk about the spy stuff, ok?"

She gave me a curt nod and said, "I knew mew vould see things my vay eventually. and by the vay Fudge is a complete menace and I vould suggest that he is neffur left alone vith any kind of veapon, that is unless mew vant the bunker blown to bits!"

And with that she vanished.  "Furry impressive," I thought. "She'll make an excellent addition to the B Team."

At that moment there was an almighty boom, and a thick, black smoke cloud rose skywards.  Next came whooping and hollering and I launched offur the back fence towards the field, where to my utter dismay I found Fudge with a rocket launcher, with Smoochie & Parsley. They were all grinning and guffawing like complete loons as one of the round bales burnt to a charred crisp.  Before I could reach them Fudge fired again at another bale.  BOOM!  The huge bale exploded into a ferocious fireball.

"STOP! STOP!" I yelled as they rolled around on the grass laughing their socks off.

 Fudge swung around and stared at me, rocket launcher waving all offur the place.  I ducked several times and in that moment I knew he had less sandwiches in his picnic hamper than the P.A.

"Oh no!" was all I could mutter. 

"TIME OUT GUYS!" I shouted. "Rocket launcher class is done."

Fudge stared at me, his eyes had that slightly glazed look of pure ecstasy and then he spun around and pointed the weapon at another bale and BOOM!

Smoochie and Parsley were crying with laughter, but Parsley managed to say between gasps of air, "And mew thought that we were a liability, jeez Basil we've got nothing on that nutjob!!!" 

"Yeah!" agreed Smooch as he pulled out a bag of marshmallows and began to toast one on the nearest flaming bale. "Where the flip did mew recruit him from?" then added rather genially. "Marshmallow anyone?"

I snatched the stick from his paw and ate the hot sticky mess, I knew I shouldn't but I needed to think. 

"C.J. Catkin sent him," I finally said.

"Did mew and C.J. fall out or something?" Parsley asked.

I shook my head and tapped my comms unit.  "Snowie get C.J. on the phone purrlease, this is an emergency!"

Guys, this is only the beginning....

If mew missed anything this week, here's the latest links fur your purrusal!

We'll be back with our usual Selfie Selection on Sunday, so hope mew can join us then.

In the meantime we wish mew all a truly terrific weekend and a fabulous St Paddy's Day!!

Happy Hopping

Sweetest purrs & nose bumps

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Replies
    1. And the same to mew Lone Star Cats! XOX

  2. guyz....thiz storee all reddy haza uz reddy ta order sum kracken !! N we noe weez been offline fora few; did ewe get two new familee memburrs; fudge N pandora? we looked bak at sundayz post....if sew we wood like ta say welcome and veree happee ta meet ewe both !~!!

    happee week oh end &
    lá sona st patrick le sláinte do gach ♣♣♣

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day. We can see you have your paws full with your new recruits. We hope you have a fun celebration without anything else getting blown up.

  4. You all are wearing your green well! Especially you, Basil ... too cute! No one would believe you blow things up and fight bad guys. Pandora sounds promising ... but you'd better keep an eye on Fudge and Parsley/Smoochie ... the three stooges might be even more formidable in their trouble-causing than any enemy! We hope you're continuing to feel better Basil!

  5. Hey Basil and Happy St. Pat's day. I'm wearing my green eyes and mom has on shamrock earrings in celebration of the day
    Hugs O'madi and O'mom

  6. Sounds like things are really hoppin' over your way Basil. Good luck. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. There is some very intensive training going on there! It sounds like you have your paws full. ☺ I love the St. Patrick's Day banner for our Pet Parade. Thanks so much ♥

  8. Happy St Patrick's Day!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. he he-Pandora Von DaPlume-- i love it!! Happy Patty's day!

  10. Oh my mouses, Basil. You're gonna have your paws full with Pandora, for sure. PURRS.

  11. We're sure you guys will get the new recruits in line before long! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  12. You could have made s'mores :)Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  13. Uh oh, sounds like you will have your paws full with Fudge. Maybe you can sweet talk Pandora into keeping an eye on him as part of her spy learning duties.

  14. Cats with rocket launchers....scary stuff, especially if they're p.o.'d:)
    The crew is quite handsome:)

  15. Me-wow! Something tells us you're going to have your paws full with Fudge and Pandora! :)

    Happy belated St. Patrick's Day, pals!

  16. Pandora Von DaPlume - I love it! I guess she's right. You have to keep an eye on that Fudge.

  17. You wild cats you Happy St Patricks Day


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