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FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #20 ~ Meandering on Monday ~ A Space Odyssey ~ The Conclusion.... Part V

Welcome to our 20th Flashback post.

Today we are going back to 16th February 2015 and revisiting 
 A Space Odyssey ~ The Conclusion.... Part V

Let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go way, way back....

Woo hoo, that was fun... not to swirly either! MOL

Meandering on Monday

A Space Odyssey

 The Conclusion....

Stardate: 16022015

If mew missed any of the action click here for a quick recap:

Well I must say spending Valentines Day in space wasn't my idea of fun! 

I missed the P.A.s surprise Pawty and now the most romantic day of the year too, anyhoo the good news is the kindly cat loving astronauts snagged me on my next orbit.  They worked at as a team and managed to grapple me without much incident, even though I must say being held by the scruff of the neck is not my idea of fun either, but it was that or drift on again, so it was a small price to pay.

We were winched in by the other kindly cat loving astronauts in the background, clinging onto the space station.

Meanwhile as my rescue was happening, the Klingonz uncloaked their Class II Cruiser not far away and then the Enterprise with Spock at the helm dropped out of Warp speed and also materialized only a gnats whisker away from the Klingonz ~ needless to say this didn't bode well.

Once inside the space station, I raced to the comms deck and my paw hit the 'open comms button' with such force I thought I might have splatted it.

In my furry best Klingonz dialect I said, "Qam vI'ogh Dun furriends galactic, Hoch!"
In english ~ "Stand down great galactic furriends, all is well!"

"Dun Sotlaw', vaj gallantly responded 'oH ngeH SoH Tabbies Trout veng SuvwI', tlhIvmo' qatlho' ghaHmo'" I said.
In english ~ "The great Tabbies of Trout Town sent you a distress call, which you both so gallantly responded to, for this I thank you greatly"

I took a breath as I watched with much trepidation as the two mighty ships moved away from one another.  The Astronauts started to become rather anxious as they listened to my guttural speak.

"wej nuHlIj, chu' law' wej ghob 'eb 'ach So'meH toD Qu' pung'" I continued. 
In english ~ "Do not engage your weapons, as this is not a fight but a rescue mission of mercy"

All was silent and then this happened.

Spock, "It was most logical that I rescued Basil and beamed him safely back to Earth."

Klingonz Commander, "wIlegh wo' klingonz je Qu' strand feline Sov basil toD"
In English ~ "We of the Klingonz Empire saw it as our duty to rescue the stranded feline known as Basil"

This bickering continued for several minutes until I let out the loudest caterwaul effur.

"'ach appreciative qoch, pung 'ej empathy plight 'ej vaj SoH vaj chaq chegh tera' boQ batlhchaj!" I said.
In english ~ "I am most appreciative of your kindness, compassion and empathy to my plight, and if willing you may both still assist my return to earth"

I continued, "vaj taS 'oH, juH 'ej vaj Qolta'DI' jIHvaD spock 'ej laH klingonz belated qoS niptini ghom p.a. laH tIn lopno', Huch law' maraud ghaj 'ej lot maH, moS appropriate?"
In english ~ "So this is my solution, Spock beam me home and then you and the Klingonz can come to a belated birthday party for my P.A.  we can have a big celebration, much marauding and lot's of niptini's, is this an appropriate compromise?"

The airwaves went deadly silent for a few moments and then the Klingonz Commander spoke., "ghom, qatlh vIchel yIrIDnganpu''e' bImejnIS vaj, tIghmaj Sovbe'chu' leghlaHbe'bogh maH Qu' maH?"
In english ~ "Party, why didn't you say so, we're on our way and by the way do we need to bring gifts?" 

I chuckled, "nIHDaq ghobe' 'e' Qo' 'ut, neH delighted p.a. 'e' jIHvaD juH Dachegh!"
In english ~ "Oh no, that won't be necessary, the P.A. will just be delighted to have me home!"

I turned to the kindly cat loving Astronauts and held out my paw. "Thank mew most furry much for saving me and if mew effur need a stiff niptini, mew know where I am! Oh and thanks fur the munchies they were delish!" 

Seconds later, I began to dematerialize and was gone.

I materialized in the courtyard at home, neffur to be so relieved to have gravel under my paws, I inhaled a great gulp of air filling my lungs.  Spock was standing next me and then the Klingonz ship landed in the Uncle Johns field behind the house.

The P.A.. scooped me up in her arms and hugged me tight, then she noticed the unexpected guests and said, "Basil, I think you've got an awful lot of explaining to do!"

I purred softly and then said, "Let the party begin!"

This is Basil, Space Traveller Extraordinaire signing out.

Thanks so much fur stopping by today and we'll be back with our next FlashBack Fever post before mew know it!

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox


  1. Well done, Basil. We must say, we're very impressed that you speak Klingon!

    1. Hey guys, oh yes Klingon is a most importante language to learn, especially if mew're stuck in space!!! MOL XOX

  2. Great flashback! I love Star Trek and kitties so it is a great combination.

    1. Awwww thanks so much guys, we're big Trekkie fans too! MOL XOX

  3. What a super space faring flashback! Great management of what could have been a very tense situation between those space faring fun loving fellows!

    1. Hey Timmy, oh dude it was most tense fur a moment or two but the aftur-pawty was a blast!!! MOL XOX


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