Sunday, 19 August 2018

What Is It About This Rug? on The Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pawesome pals

Welcome to another selfie selection and today our theme is:

What Is It About This Rug?

The P.A. is wundering why we all gravitate to the rug in the kitchen, most days at least one of us [maybe more] hang out here, although Pandora being a bit of an oddball has neffur had her photo taken on it yet, she's usually running around a three gazillion miles an hour! MOL

Pandora neffur being one to follow the crowd said in her odd, little foreign accent, "I actually prefer the rug in the crystal room and I get to fully recharge from all that wunderpurr energy in there!"

If mew missed any of our previous posts, here's this weeks selection:

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We do hope mew're all having a great weekend and we'll be back on Tuesday with the next thrilling chapters from...

The Clockwurk Labyrinth

...and if mew missed the story so far - click on The Tuesday Tales link above to catch up on all the crazy goings on caused by Fudge buying a seemingly ordinary clock from Fleabay - yep, who knew online shopping could be that dangerous!

Wishing mew a supurr chilled day with lots of snoozy snuggles

Bestest Sunday Purrs

Basil & The B Team xox

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Friday, 17 August 2018

Welcome to The Dark Side on Black Cat Appreciation Day 2018 with Parsley & Angel Humphrey

Welcome to The Dark Side

Greetings Supurr Pawesome Pals

Parsley here and today we're celebrating

Can I get a WOOOO HOOOO?


Also before I furget, today I'm featuring on my epic buddy Valentines Blog at Noir Kitty Mews spreading the wurd that black cats are pawesome, magnificent, supurr, smashing, great, epic and epically epic, etc...

Well all cats are of course, all of the above too, but those of us who are on the dark-side in colour have a bigger cross to bear, as in bygone times black cats we're deemed eveeel and the familiars of witches; assisting their mistress's in The Darke Arts and Demon Summoning.

  While I cannot confirm or deny whether  the P.A. is a witch or not;  the jury is still out on that, though I can safely say she's not summoned any demonic entities while I've been here and I've neffur seen her with a bubbling cauldron or wearing a pointy back hat, although she does have a broom stick... nuff said! MOL 

But anyhoo since the Darke Ages, us black cats have had some really rotten press offur the centuries leading some of the peeps in the wurld to believe that we are bad luck and a whole host of other really, really, really dumb, stupid, idiotic things.  

I can assure the wurld most sincerely that black cats are NOT bad luck on any level whatsoeffur or any of the other idiotic things that were dreamt up to purrsecute us.

Black cats are in essence magical, miniature panthers and effuryone should have one, mew are actually doing yourself a disservice by not having one.

So modern day peeps of the wurld, furget all that witch-hunt nonsense and go adopt a miniature panther today, trust me, it's the best thing mew'll do fur yourself this year.

Just look at me, how can anything that looks like me be bad luck?  It's not possible on any level effur.

So to show mew just how pawesome black cats are, here's a little montage in honour my angel brofur Humphrey, so let's just take a moment to fully embrace the darkness in all its furry and rather fuzzy glory!

Humphrey 1999 - 2017

Let's hear a huge round of applaws fur Humphrey ~ just click play below


Humphrey Mew Were The Bestest!

Many thanks fur joining me today to celebrate all Blacks Cats the wurld offur, and my supurr special brofur, Humphrey. 

And don't furget:- 


Big Hugs & Soft Purrs

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

**New Post** Smooch Around The Wurld and Today We're Smooching All Offur Port Douglas, Queensland in The Magical Land of OZ with Tuna of Moon as My Pawesome Travelling Companion

Welcome To

Woo Hoo Pawsome Pals

Smooch here, and how are mew doing today?

So dudes and dudettes we're going to be Smooching All Offur The Planet as we Smooch Around the Wurld ~ how much fun, so much fun!

Oh and because The B Team doesn't use conventional means of travel, I'll be using the TTTB aka the Time Travelling Telephone Box to go on my little jolly's, so thank cod I won't have to use an airport as I don't think I'd get through security with all the extra covert hardware I travel with! MOL

Furst though I have to do my travel check list:

Oh and I've already had all my travel vaccinations, as mew neffur know and I always think it's better to have the lot rather than risk getting some foreign lurgy which in turn ruins your jolly's! 

So where are we going today?

Today beautiful furriends we're off to the magical land of Oz, last time I went to Tasmania and it was a little bit fresh so I thought some warmz were needed and I decided the tropics were just the place to go! MOL  And also this week I have the best travel companion effur, Tuna of Moon from the pawesome Tabbies of Trout Towne is joining me fur the adventure of a lifetime.

I got his travel docs sorted, courtesy of my epically epic forging skillz contacts in the foreign office.

... just look at that, Tuna has wurld-wide access with no restrictions - wooo hoooo!

So anyhoo I hopped in the TTTB and teleported to Trout Towne, and thank cod Tuna set some flares off on the beach otherwise I might have landed in the sea! MOL

The TTTB landed on the glistening, white sand with a soft thwump.  I threw the door open - quite literally - and Tuna was causally strolling towards me carrying a small case and a paperbag.

I waved most enthusiastically and gave him a huge hug and paw bump when he reached me. "Dude!" I said. "So great mew could join me on this little jolly today!"

"Smooch, thanks fur the invite!" Tuna beamed, then shook the paper bag. "And I brought a snack selection of No 5's, No 7's and a few No 3's fur the journey so we don't starve!"

[If mew're wundering what a No 5, No 7 and No 3 are, way back in 2016 in our Pirate adventure we had to blow up a kraken and rather than waste the tastiness, we ended up taking it back to BB-HQ and devising a lot of kraken recipes and the Tabbies are our biggest customers in the entire US fur Kraken delicacies, we ship them an order at least once a month]

"Dude that's so epic," I replied grinning and taking one of the deep fried kraken rings and dipping in the wowkapow sauce Tuna offured. "Oh jeez that sauce is just amazing dude!"

He nodded and said, "Dude that hot sauce is the best!" 

His eyes almost bugged out as we entered the TTTB. "Smooch I can't believe I'm actually in the wurld famous TTTB, IT'S HUGE in here..." he looked around the bridge in awe. "Like in my wildest dreams I couldn't of effur imagined the size, mew could get lost in here fur days!"

"Fudge got lost fur an entire week once!" I laughed. "But he's ok now!"  

Then I added. "Would mew like to do the honours and push that red button." I pointed to the control console and grinned wildly.

Tuna gasped in delight and paw-smacked the button and off we popped.

32.9433333333333r seconds later we landed.

We burst out of the door and were greeted by miles and miles of beach and ocean, in fact we'd just come from that exact same scenario but this time we were DOWN-UNDER ~ The most deadliest continent on the planet.

We got out the deck chairs as Tuna is quite partial to a bit of chillaxing; next we got the mini speedboat, the surf board, the brolly set up and I whipped us up a couple of coconutty grasstini's. Tuna tried a bit of snorkelling, but broke the surface of the water in a rather frenzied fashion and said, "Smooch dude, there's a fluffing giant jelly fish down there!" 

"Thank cod it wasn't a shark dude!" I replied and then remembered that up here there were salt water crocs, yep they live in the ocean too!

So all water activities were ceased immediately and we decided at that point to head inland and check out some of the sights.

As mew can see Tuna and I had a blast, we saw a few war memorials which we paid our respects at fur fallen hero's in WWII, as we know it most impawtant to honour those that gave their lives fur us today.  

We saw kangeroos, there was some real vishus burds, the cassowary; apparently a descendent of the dino rapters, and can gut mew with one swipe, although I diverted Tuna so we missed that and we went to see the crocs instead.

Tuna said as we started to pack the TTTB, "Mew know my sisfur Dai$y wants to go shopping somewhere fabulous and my new baby brofur Mack should come on a jolly with mew to give him some Wurld experience dude, he's young and I think it would be great fur mew to show him life outside of Trout Towne!"

"Dude it would be my purrleasure to take Miss Dai$y somewhere epic and also to take young Mack under my paw and take him on a really great a adventure and I can't thank mew enough fur joining me on this one today, dude mew're epic!"

Tuna grinned and replied. "Smooch buddy, even though mew only have 3 legs, and we've been to the most dangerous continent in the wurld, I've neffur felt safer, thanks dude mew're the best!"

And sadly that brings us to the end of our OZ experience, we do hoped mew enjoyed seeing the sites and it's time I got Tuna safely back to Trout Towne before the FSG realises he's gone! MOL 

Thanks so much fur joining Tuna and I on our magical OZ adventure and I'll be back before mew know it sharing another other far flung destination so hope mew'll join me then!

Oh and if any of mew would like to accompany me on any future excursions which no doubt will be terribly exciting, possibly a little bit dangerous [might be furry dangerous at times] and definitely once in a lifetime oppurrtunity, send an email to:

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

with Smooch Around The Wurld in the subject line and a nice picture of yourself [which we can clip] plus your name, age and a couple of fun facts about mew, and who knows mew could be joining me on the adventure of a lifetime!

Oh and quickly before I go there's a couple of new puzzles live on the Puzzle Page fur your enjoyment.

Until next time

Keep Calm 


Don't Furget The Bug Spray

Smooch xox

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

WOW on Wednesday's Here We Go, The Wayfair Pet Competition and The Hiba Shelter in Palestine on The Pet Parade #261 with Dash Kitten, Us & Barking from The Bayou

Pawesome Wednesday Greetings Furriends

Welcome to WOW on The Pet Parade! 

So what does WOW stand fur, we hear mew ask?  Well it stands fur, Wordy or Wordless On Wednesdays, so mew can be as creative as mew like or as wordless as mew want! MOL

Wednesday's are ours, so hop in, hop along and hop all offur the wurld to see all the great blogs that join in. 

In other news

The #WayBeyondRepair Photo Competition! emailed us on Monday to tell us about their fab new competition, they are celebrating our furry friends and what they get up to—both the good and the bad!  All entrants need to do is submit a photo here of their pet as well as furniture that they’ve destroyed or have made #WayBeyondRepair 


There's a £500 gift card up fur grabs, and mew can enter as many times as mew like between now and the 14th of September, so get those pics sent in and if mew win, mew could be getting a brand new sofa or rug or whateffur to scratch the fluff out of!

What could be more pawesome than that?  Absolutely nothing! MOL

And finally today, we made a fab new furriend on Instacat yesterday, The Hiba Shelter in Palestine - it is the first and the only cat rescue shelter in the West Bank, so go show them some support and say hi, mew'll be so glad mew did.

They are a new set-up and only have one peep taking care of all the kitties. 

Mew can find them here:




We love peeps like this, and would like to say thanks so much fur caring fur the stray cats in Palestine, mew're epically epic and we hope that you get the team and support mew need! 

As this is the furst Pet Parade on a Wednesday we'll be re-organising our posts a little, so today there are no links to this weeks previous posts, we're just looking fur a new post to put those in later in the week.

We'll be back tomorrow with another Smooch Around the Wurld and this time he's got the most wunderpurr and epically epic travel companion - guess who? - joining him on his next expedition, and just wait until mew see where they are headed! MOL

Oh and if mew missed yesterdays post, mew may want to hop offur and check out the start of our Summer Blockbuster Adventure - The Clockwurk Labyrinth - Oh My Cat mew'll neffur believe what's happening...

Bestest purrs and big hugs

Basil & The B Team xox

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