Saturday, 7 July 2018

Fashion with Felines starring Pandora Von Der Plume ~ The Feline Fashionista ~ Featuring Hello Kitty & The Hello Kitty Purrchase Challenge

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Bonjour mes amis!

And velcome to Fashion vith Felines!

Bringing mew the cutest, fun trends in kitty themed fashion fur your pet hooman and fur yourself.

Oh my it seems like fureffur since I vas last 'ere sharing some fabulous feline fashion items with mew, and if mew missed any of my previous feline fashionista posts, 'ere they are:

Kitty Shirt T-Shirts

Irregular Choice Starry Night Handbag

And today I'm sharing vith mew one of the most synonymous kitty brands effur in the 'istory of all things kitty

and of course mew knew that!  

Earlier in the year the P.A. got this supurr cute, tiny bag [munchkin size] fur 'er niece who's just turned 2, and she loves it!

Now I don't know about mew, but ve love HK here, the P.A. has lots of HK things which she's collected offur the years such as; lunch boxes, pens, stationary, plush soft toys, t-shirts, socks, slippers, key chains, stickers etc, etc, etc...

So I asked 'er if she'd bought anything HK recently fur 'erself and the reply was a rather definitive, "No."

I replied, "Vell Miss P.A. I think ve should go shopping!"

There was absolutely no argument or 'esitation to my suggestion and we raced to the nearest computer.

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I gave the P.A. the fifteen minute Hello Kitty Purrchase Challenge ~ she 'ad 15 minutes to find cute 10 items, and then the same fur moi.

31 and a half minutes later this is what we compiled:-

The P.A.'s List

And now...

My Far Superior List

So who do mew think 'ad the best list today?

Purrsonally I believe my list to be far superior to the P.A.'s, furstly all my items are completely colour coordinated and secondly, it's just better! MOL

Pandora's Fierce Fashion Tip:

I do 'ope mew enjoyed our cute fashion safari today, and I'll be back furry soon vith some more uber cute items fur your pet hooman and fur mew!

This is your feline fashionista 

Pandora Von Der Plume 

saying au revoir dahlings until next time

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  1. We like Pandora's fierce fashion tip :)
    We're taking her advice too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. OMC, there's a Hello Kitty litter tray?! That's amazing!

  3. Your kitty list is kind of cool with the color coordinated toys. But I love the little Hello Kitty tie dye toy for people.

  4. What an epic collection of goodies! Yours, Pandora are supremely practical and also delightful, but I have to admit the socks and the T shirt may find their way onto Mrs H's Christmas list! MOL
    Toode pips and purrs

  5. You both put together epically epic lists, but I have to say that the nip furball is a very good choice.

  6. Hello kitties seems quite appropriate!

  7. Pandora, you and the P.A. both did an awesome job of choosing Hello Kitty items. We are big fans of HK, so we love them all!

  8. WOW! All these finds are great. I need to get that purse for my 2 and a half yr. old great niece, she is already a cat lover :) XO

  9. WoW! I can't choose...they are oth pawsome!

  10. The P.A. and you did a pawsome job with your lists, and you both found great items ! Purrs

  11. EPIC and i want everything!!!

  12. Hey, those lists are gone! I hope some intruuder did not gobble them up!
    I am sure they were fab!!


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