Bionic Basil 

is now at


We now have our furry own on-line store at Zazzle

We thought it would be quite nice fur anypurdy who thinks we're cute to be able to get their furry own collection of  BionicBasil cats happening with our new range of cat goodies and gifts.

We have started with obvious mouse pads [mice being the juicy little incentive here] furst and here's the current designs:

Click to buy:

Click to Buy:

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*     *     *

This is just the beginnings of our products, as we increase the range offur the coming weeks we'll let mew know what's new and exciting.



Basil aka Kitty Design Team Leader

Amber aka Top Model and Resident Grump

Smoochie aka Chief  Product Tester

Humphrey aka Idea's and Innovation

Snowie aka Marketing and Advertising

Angel Posie aka Resources in the Cloud

Parsley aka Product Placement and Management


*Waves Paw* we love comments and do purr extra loud when mew leave one, and we do try to reply to effurypurrdy and visit mew too! ❤️❤️❤️

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