Saturday, 14 July 2012

Goods Mews ~ The WLF Rules!

I have Good Mews my fellow kitties and furriends!

I have been accepted to be part of The WLF or The Whiskas Liberation Front in The TwitterVerse and for those of you who don't know what that is, here's the griff:

Click the link below

So I have joined my fellow WLF Comrades to fight the good fight and I have been given my Standard Issue Beret, so I am now an Official WLF Memfur or an OWLF and I have to say it does look fan'cat'stically good on me, see fur yourselves... do I look dashingly pawesome or what? Mew know it's true!

Basil  #WLF Memfurship Photo

So if any of you kitties in Cyberspace on the Interwebs would like to join, mew know where to go!

Thanks to all my Comrades @ #wlf for such a furriendly welcome, mew guys Rock!

Bestest Salutes and Purrs



  1. Hi Basil! Our Tuxi, Tripod and Cinni are in the #wlf, and Bev, Magic and Socks will be joining. You look very handsome in your beret! The #wlf is a great group, and Mr. Tibbs is a great mancat to keep it going, even as he is OTRB.

    1. Greetings Joan and all the fabulous kitties, thank mew furry much, I do feel quite handsome in my beret actually!!! MOL
      Rock on the #WLF


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